The Realmtendo Entertainment System

Welcome to the next era of Rhiassa Games. The Realmtendo Enternainment System (RES). Moving into the electronic entertainment realm, the goal of the RES is to memorialize nations, plots, and themes in the Realms in the form of retro-style video games. Our initial release, What Lurks Beneath, retells the tale of the storyline of the same name that Rhiassa threw during 2009-2013.

Rhiassa games would love to produce more titles that highlight important parts of the realms culture and history and is for hire to make these games and put them online for play. Please contact Aeston to talk about your game idea and pricing.

What Lurks Beneath

What Lurks Beneath by Rhiassa Games is the inaugural title of the Realmtendo Entertainment System. In this retro adventure game you play as an unnamed Knight of Rhiassa who must brave the series of caverns under Cold Springs in order to hunt down the goblins, trolls, and demons that have been terrorizing the city and countryside. With naught but your trusty sword and whatever you can find along the way, it is your destiny to find out what lurks beneath!

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