Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers is the longest running tournament event in the Realms, having started alongside the founding of Rhiassa. It is the spiritual successor of the Duke of Glendale series of events that stretched back to the very beginning of the Realms. It is Rhiassa's most storied tradition and very much contributes to the core of who we are as a nation.

Queen of Hearts is meant to showcase the very best of what the Realms is. Being the best in combat is certainly one aspect of that and individuals and teams have ample opportunity to fight and display that prowess. Equally important are the other skills and values needed to run a team, crafting, composing, leadership, organization, camaraderie... the list of indispensable abilities needed on a team is a long one.

Assembling a Queen of Hearts team is a task similar in scale to throwing an event. Managing the individuals, assigning roles, coordinating crafting competitions, plotting battlefield strategy... these tasks often begin in the winter time and last throughout the spring and summer. When multiple teams that have all invested that time and energy into themselves all show up on the battlefields on one hot August weekend, that's when we see the very best of what this event can be. We often like to say that Rhiassa doesn't throw Queen of Hearts, we only host it. The whole community throws Queen of Hearts together, and there is no other effort in the entire Realms that is it's like.

We have a long history of throwing Queen of Hearts together, and a long future of it as well.

See you on the field.