Quests in Rhiassa

For over almost three decades Rhiassa has been known throughout the Realms for its event traditions. Of course the longest running of those and the best known is the weekend of exciting, action packed tournaments that is Queen of Hearts. Likewise, for the greater part of it's existence Rhiassa has been the host of the largest feasting event of the year, Feast of the Leviathan. These two events are the most significant part of what we do as a nation but not far behind them are a couple of questing series in which we take much pride.

What Lurks Beneath was the first modern plot series that Rhiassa worked together to create. Designed to be a yearly dungeon crawl late in the year, we told a story that was simple but interesting and focused largely on combat and mechanics. This event series inspired us to create a brand new modular dungeon system and a set of fabric monster masks that have gotten an incredible amount of use over the years.

After the What Lurks Beneath series wrapped up Rhiassa launched it's second major series, Echoes of Ragnarok. Building off of what we learned and what we created for our previous plot, it was our goal to make Echoes of Ragnarok feel even more epic and have a much richer story to go with the interesting mechanics we were already accustomed to creating.

These pages contain historical and plot information for our main plot lines that we threw together as a nation. It is of chief importance to us that players that attend our events always have access to the knowledge necessary to understand what is happening and how it fits in the context of the series, so this information is all made readily available as in-character records. Feel free to read up on everything before you attend the next Rhiassan questing event!