Bardic Voices

The Realms has an incredibly strong tradition of story and song. Bardic tournaments are routinely held at feasts and other social events and a high ideal in those competitions is creating original works that honor people or events in the community. Beyond that, individual nations have their own bardic traditions with works that are internally important to them either because they are odes to their members or because they were performed by them. Rhiassa is no exception to this.

As a community, the Realms has over four decades of real history to account for. Thousands of heroes have come and gone from the fields of battle and the feast halls. In many ways, accounting for those heroes through these artistic works are the surest way to remember that they onece walked among us. Friends that have long passed from our shores are as near to us as ever when we recount those tales and sing those verses. It is an enduring proof of who we are as a people.

On these pages you will find stories, poetry, songs, and articles written by, written for, or performed by Rhiassans over the years. Some of whom are still beside us, some of whom we may never see again in this life. This archive is a place to hold safe those memories.