The Anthem of Rhiassa

Written and Performed by Sir Maktha


Shining dawn greets a nation fair
Built on trust, dedication and care
To make the Realms stronger, they give it all
No hardship turns them away
For the service you offer, the gifts you share
Rhiassa, your pride leads the way

Bound as one, together they rise
On kinsmen relying through all sacrifice
Their trust never shaken, the lion's heart
Shall from its home never stray
Where blood runs thick in fellowship
Rhiassa, your pride leads the way

United in battle, in all you achieve
To higher goals ever strive
Your tireless work and creative might
Will keep your vision alive

The sun dips gold as you gather as one
To celebrate all that you have done
For all you endure to serve the Realms
May the red and black ever stay
And evermore may your heart endure
Rhiassa, your pride leads the way
Forevermore may your heart endure
Rhiassa, your pride leads the way

Song for the Knighting of Sir Cedric

Written and Performed by Lord Duncan

Once I lived in Old Rhiassa.
The land of Crestview was my home.
There I squired to a noble King.
He taught me all I know.

His hair was greying and his eyes did sparkle,
But when they came we weren't prepared.
The Drow, they left our lands in ruin.
Not a single life was spared.

Now when I'm awake, I'm a-dreaming about it,
And when I sleep, I take no rest,
For every moment seems like an hour,
What a pain lies in my breast.

Oh must I run from Old Rhiassa,
Or for it's sake, must I die?
Oh must I go, sad, broken-hearted?
Who knows where my paths lie?

Now as the gentle night is a-falling,
Down upon Chimeron,
Arise, Sir Knight, fresh from your squiring,
The time for war shall come.

Eulogy for Kethrellen the Red

Written and Performed by Damion Midnight

Settle Soft
With rounded sleep
Auroras calling
you home

End the watch
Eternal Be
Your song be known

Once whole you were
Apon a prayer
And in her name
a kindly man

And twice became
From bitter morn
Akelia born
Who wore his face

From horrid foe
You sought the truth
But it became
Your life undone

Still you came forth
A reborn man
Regain'd her light

But crimes be done, known to her majesty
Deeds be foul though the heart was right
Your home was gone, now to the wilderness
But still redemption brightens night

On lonely roads
Met a great man
You found a guide
To lead you home

When he was lost
You sought to save him
Though it would make
Your presense known

Your calls be heard
Your dagger laid
To raise Sir Pyr
From stony grave

You gave your life
You gave your freedom
You gave your heart

And even now your name goes onward
In the lives of all your touched
Auroras heart will now be waiting
And those hearts here will send you on

Kethrellan… The Red…

The Battle of Rhiassa

Written and Performed by Branwyn

Hear you tales of bright honor
In the face of utmost despair;
These are the actions of heroes
At the Battle of Rhiassa.

Meg Quickfists led the troops
Against the Infernal Hounds.
Sylvanos the Green healed her limbs
Under the nose of the Daemon Knight.
Perron the Giant with well placed arrow,
Shot the Dogs of War, to no avail.
The Men of Rhiassa, eyes filled with terror,
Defended the tavern from the Infernal legions.
Healer Lady Dee stood inside her circle
Healing wounds as fast as they were dealt.
Cassia Skyshocker put down her spoon
And defended the circle of healing.
Lyr the Healer, stole the weapon
Belonging to the Daemon Knight.
Jianna Highrider, alone and unaided,
Searched for the weapons the daemon had stolen.
Malchor the Seer, with the favor of Oberon,
Cast fortunes to find how to slay the beasts.
Ether Bravemage sold his soul
To free Peregrine from the Gatekeeper's curse.
Peregrive the Warrior slew Hell's Champion
In combat, one on one.
Pyr Thalax lost his scalp
To the Sything blades of the Dogs of War.
Judas and Peter, men from the coast
Scattered like leaves in the wind.
Carmen Barechest cried in horror
As Meg was claimed by the Daemon Knight.

Fear the sick chill in your hearts
For despite the bright deeds of our men,
Hades has beaten their spirits
And has put into danger all our souls.

Blood and Beer

Written by Makhta
Performed by Aeston for the contest for Dwarven Champion


Where tankards crash and armies clash
Where hordes of orcs are dying
Let all beware; the dwarves are there
Where beer and blood is flying


When the orcs forget defeat
The dwarves will go remind them
The orcish army will retreat
And leave their heads behind them

When the army goes to war
They saunter forth and swagger
Humans may get sick and sore
But dwarves will never stagger

Sing Chorus

If you’re feeling sick or sore
The beer will do the curing
Because the time to drink at war
Is after, ‘fore and during

Their lords are masters carving stone
Their castle is a cavern
And when not seated on a throne
They’ll occupy the tavern

Sing Chorus

If a dwarf you care to bet
On who will fall down quicker
A splitting headache will you get
By axe or by the liquor

They make quick work of chopping heads
Throughout the dwarven nation
Of heads of orcs and heads of beer
It’s all decapitation

Sing Chorus

A screaming charge is all you’ll see
When dwarves want decimation
To rush an army or a bar
They use the same formation

A dwarf will never have to block
When in a tavern fighting
It feels like punching at a rock
You're better off just hiding

Sing Chorus

When blood is spilt it is for fame
Of mighty dwarven forces
When beer is spilt it is a shame
A waste of good resources

So raise a mug of ale or beer
And toast to dwarven glory
And raise an axe and raise a cheer
And proudly tell the story

Sing Chorus

The Red and The Black

Performed by Swoop and Pilpus at Feast of the Leviathan XVII

Listen friends and I'll sing you a song
of a nation so storied of brave knights so strong
of mages and fighters who never turn back
who fight to the death for the Red and the Black.

First came Sir Duncan a brave stalwart knight
invaded by drow, exiled by home
a warrior of Garm who fights for what's right
a mentor, a leader well fit for the throne.

For woe to the foe who crosses the path
of lions clad in the Red and the Black
Take heart if you fight with one by your side
for their prowess and might shall sure turn the tide.

Next came Sir Da'oud a fiery man
uniting Free Nations from faraway lands
From goblins and trolls to the mighty Erl King
You just can't beat Rhiassan men and women.

For woe to the foe who crosses the path
of lions clad in the Red and the Black
Take heart if you fight with one by your side
for their prowess and might shall sure turn the tide.

Long live Lord Aeston and long may he reign
savior of Cold Spring's from Bedlam's dark taint
defending the Realms whilst under attack
and looking quite good in that infamous hat.

For woe to the foe who crosses the path
of lions clad in the Red and the Black
Take heart if you fight with one by your side
for their prowess and might shall sure turn the tide.