Worship of Rawonam in Rhiassa

Rawonam is the Realms’ major god of war. He is often depicted as a man carrying many weapons wearing a leather kilt and pauldron. His symbol is a golden boar on a field of maroon.

In the recent past, Rhiassa was sieged by a force led by a corrupted champion of Rawonam. Several adventurers became chosen warriors of Rawonam in order to be able to face down said champion. Among them was Dame Ellith, who confronted and slew the corrupted champion. Since then, Rawonam worship has become accepted in Rhiassa, with Dame Ellith acting as the current high priestess.

The Labors of Rawonam

Chief among Dame Ellith’s goals is to restore the church of Rawonam. The first step in doing so will be building a new church and consecrating it. To consecrate the church, a day of fighting in honor of the god of war will be held.

The Art of War

Currently being written, the Art of War will be a holy book of Rawonam containing an analysis of several major battles in the Realms. The book will also contain lost texts and wisdom from past chosen warriors and champions of Rawonam.