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The Supply Closet

This section includes information about supplies Rhiassa uses for event throwing that we are willing to loan out to other Realms eventholders.

Our fabric masks have been used at many events over the years. Originally created for our What Lurks Beneath storyline, the goblins and trolls were first utilized there, and the first of the demon masks was seen. The following year, for WLB2, the skeleton masks were developed. For WLB3, the kobold masks were created. WLB 4 saw the advent of the illithids. Finally, at WLB5, the conclusion of the plot line, the imp masks were introduced. Below you can see a history of the use of the fabric masks from the time of the first What Lurks Beneath event all the way through the conclusion in 2013. A wide range of events and event holders have used them with great success, and we are happy to make them available to the community.

What Lurks Beneath - Nov 14, 2009
Festival of Val Dara - Jul 30, 2010
Queen of Hearts XVII - Aug 14, 2010
Thief 1 - Sep 18, 2010
KoEF Questing III - Sep 25, 2010
What Lurks Beneath II - Oct 30, 2010
Feast of the Leviathan XIII - Jan 8, 2011
Festival of Val Dara 2 - Aug 19, 2011
War of Shadows - Oct 14, 2011
What Lurks Beneath III - Dec 3, 2011
Feast of the Leviathan XIV - Jan 14, 2012
Festival of Val Dara 3 - Jul 13, 2012
The Event Which Must Not Be Named - Aug 3, 2012
Queen of Hearts XIX - Aug 11, 2012
KOEF Questing 2012 - Sep 15, 2012
Black Tide - Sept 22, 2012
Feast of Blackwood III - Sept 28, 2012
Ashen Bounty - Oct 13, 2012
What Lurks Beneath IV - Oct 27, 2012
Tournaments of the Blue Rose VIII - Apr 26, 2013
Pressure Point - Flashback - Jul 30, 2013
The Event Which Must Not Be Named II - Aug 2, 2013
Ashen Bounty II - Oct 11, 2013
The Silver Eye - Oct 19, 2013
What Lurks Beneath V - Nov 2, 2013


Acclaim for our Fabric Masks

If I could go back in time, I would make all of my Bois masks in the balaclava style. They are, by far, the best masks I have NPCed in.

- Matt Brenner

After this past weekend I got to experience how much more comfortable those are compared to the old school hockey masks.

- Jana Greene

I think they are pretty awesome. It definitely ups the level of NPCing costuming.

- Katie Smith

Those masks are better in the summer than our traditional hockey masks. If you're getting too hot, you can just soak one in water before putting it on.

- Jeremy Sullivan

Any feedback or quotes regarding how these fabric masks are to use as a NPC, or to go against as a PC, are welcome and may be posted here for other eventholders to read. Send your comments & quotes to Jason Rosa at


Terms and Conditions

They must be picked up the week before the event or earlier if other eventholders are not in need of them.

They must be dropped off within the week after your event so that other eventholders who need them can pick them up.

You must NOT launder them. We will wash them in cold and line dry them to ensure they do not shrink.

IF your event makes money, we ask for a donation of no more than $50, which will go towards the further development of our masks and constuming supplies.

Contact Jason Rosa at for more information.