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Lady Dame Areni Stromgate

The earliest memory that comes to my mind, I suppose, is that of books. My parents were merchants, you see, my father a trader from the nation of Blackavar and my mother from the nation of Teng Hua. But their first love, truly, was the pursuit of knowledge, wherever it was to be found. Through books, true, but also through travel, not only for business to support us, but also to procure books, more books, and other sundries both unusual and mundane. Among my earliest memories, then, are those of travel with my parents, to many different places, with many different peoples, colors, sights, sounds, and customs.

When I came of the appropriate age I was sent upon my next adventure, that of proper schooling. I was educated as a scholar and spent long hours at my books, with ink-stained fingers and paper at hand, immersed in this world of written knowledge. But gradually it came upon me—you could say it is in my blood--a desire to see again that which I had left behind when I began my studies. I wanted to travel again, to see new things and peoples, and perhaps write a book of my own. So I bid my teachers and fellows farewell, and set off again in search of….something. I was fairly certain that, if I kept walking long enough, I would encounter something that I was not expecting.

In this way I traveled, roaming from place to place, recording all that I saw and encountered. It was not an easy time. I could handle a blade decently when I traveled with my parents, but found my skills quite a bit lacking when I left my studies. Many people I encountered, individuals and groups, and I saw many valiant displays of swordsmanship, heroism, sacrifice, friendship. I met many people, some of who became my dearest friends. I learned how to better handle myself in combat. In time I took up the healing arts, hoping to be able to provide a service to all these brave, stalwart people that I had met, and to those I had yet to meet. It was they who had allowed me, by their hard work and determination, to live the comfortable life that I had been living, locked away in scholarly pursuits.

And so I remained for five years, perfecting my skills as a healer in combat while learning still greater lessons from those that were closest to me: dependability, honor, humility, loyalty, and the deepest bonds of friendship. During that time I joined the nation of Vinehaeven, and wore that heraldry proudly; I served alongside some of my closest friends, side-by-side both in battle and in jest. And yet the desire came upon me again. Inspired by those that I had healed, and yearning for a new challenge, I made the tough decision to cast off my magics in favor of the blade.

Together with my lord of Vinehaeven, I took up the colors of the nation of Rhiassa: a group of men and women who had, since I first started traveling about in earnest, been nothing but kind and helpful to me, and whom I had come to respect and admire greatly. And since that time, a new passion had awoken in me. Who would have thought that a scholar and healer could have so fearsome a nature? And yet it is true, and so here I am today, penning my story thus far, incomplete as it is. With each day that passes I grow stronger. And yet each day I am humbled by those who know so much, who have seen so much, and have so much to give.

This new challenge is a great one, and yet I know, with the help of those that I hold dear, that I will master this and succeed, and I am proud to lend my sword to defend my nation and my people but most of all, my friends.