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Timing of the War and Victory

Length and Timing of the War: With two days to complete a war campaign, it is hard to determine exactly how far your army can go. The day will be separated into a number of turns in which each unit of both your army and the enemy army will have a chance to move and engage in battle. There will be as many turns as possible before the armies break for meal in the evening; and the current estimate is 6 to 8, depending on variables such as the length of the individual battles and the amount of time spend on strategy. There will be a quest at night that will have a direct impact on the overall war, and then further war turns on Sunday, estimated to be somewhere between 3 and 5. At the end of the final battle turn, regardless of the progress made by either army, the war will draw to a close and victory conditions will be decided.

Schedule for the War of Shadows:

Friday Night: Building the War Camp
Saturday Day: Fighting the War (pt 1): The Clarion Call
Saturday Night: Quest: Righteousness Amongst the Wrong
Sunday Day: Fighting the War (pt 2): When the Smoke Clears

Winning or Losing the War: What exactly constitutes victory in war is of major debate even amongst the most learned. It may be the case that your army has penetrated far enough into Darkvale that you have taken over every single battlefield and territory. Certainly that would be total victory of a kind; whether or not time will permit that sort of campaign is any one's guess. Perhaps victory involves simply toppling the major population centers and fortifications, making enough of an impact that the remains of the enemy army become routed and leave the remainder of Darkvale to you. Perhaps total victory will be stayed until another day, and Darkvale will remain, in part, contested. Perhaps victory will come in some unforeseen way, an epic battle with enemy command determining the overall fate at some unpredictable time; or perhaps terms of peace will be decided when each or either army has reached its limit. This war is yours to win or lose in whatever way fate dictates. Sharpen your weapons. Polish your shields. Fly your banners. Steel yourselves for any possibility. The War of Shadows is upon us.