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Requisition Points

Rank and File Militia tokens and Requisition Bonus: Green poker chips represent both the Rank and File Militia force that you have available as well as the Requisition Bonus that you have available to spend. In essence, they are the same thing. Initially, as a result of how much requisition bonus the War Camp is worth, the Commander of the Army will receive a number of green poker chips equal to that requisition bonus. Those green poker chips are placed with the rest of the army in The War Camp.

During the course of the event, more green poker chips may be gained (such as after dinner; with the aid of the Storehouse and Kitchen). At any point that a green poker is gained, they must be placed on the map during the next planning phase. They may be placed into any battlefield that is currently under the control of the army.

When green poker chips are on the map, they represent the size of the Rank and File Militia in that area. What that translates to, in battle, is the number of times each Rank and File Militia member gets to respawn after they are killed. Rank and File Militia members can be raised from the dead according to normal rules, but if unattended on the ground for 60 seconds, the player removes himself from combat, goes to the Rank and File Militia respawn point, and comes out as a new Rank and File Militia member who has the same abilities as they did originally. Their armor (if any) is repaired and their spells (if any) are reset. So if a unit goes into battle and has a total of 3 green poker chips with it, all of the heroes that are a part of that unit will fight in that battle, all of the players that do not have their characters as a part of that unit will don militia tabards and become Rank and File Militia, and each of them will have a total of 3 respawns (so 4 lives total including the one they start with).

The additional advantage of having green poker chips is that The Commander of the Army can use them at any point to buy extra requisition abilities. This can only be done during the 'planning' phase of any turn. When green poker chips are pulled off the War Map to buy these requisition abilities they may be pulled from any battlefield and any number of battlefields, and likewise from within any units. Some of these requisition abilities are listed below. Some may, as of yet, be undiscovered or uninvented.

  • Spell Reset: You may purchase one individual spell to be reset for one spell caster that has expended use of that spell. The cost is one chip per circle of the spell being reset.
  • Knightly Gauntlets: You can purchase the knightly gauntlets ability for each individual knight that is part of the army. That ability allows each of the gauntlets of the knight to 'hold' a raise dead spell. Each gauntlet must be 'charged' by a spell caster casting 'Raise Dead' or 'Combat Raise Dead' into the gauntlet, thus expending one of their castings. This charging cannot be from a 'Circle of Healing', a potion, or any other spell other than 'Raise Dead or 'Combat Raise Dead'.The knight may then discharge each gauntlet as a 'Combat Raise Dead' as per the spell. The cost is 3 chips per knight gaining Knightly Gauntlets.
  • Spell Mastery Recall: You can purchase the ability to allow a spell caster to use one of the spells out of the Spell Mastery section of their spell book, as if they still have the spell. This ability will only allow you to buy spells that are still a part of the Omnibus. Purchasing this ability will not change a spell caster's weapon restriction, no matter how many spells are purchased for them. The cost for this is 3 chips plus a number of chips equal to the current circle of the spell being purchased.
  • Hardened Armor: You can purchase the ability to make a hero's armor tougher than normal. This hero is now immune to the call of 'Armor Piercing', and takes an armor piercing blow as a regular weapon blow instead. The cost for this ability is 2 chips per hero.
  • Epic Pike: This allows you to requisition the use of a pike that is 10' long. The pike must be provided by the PCs and must pass a safety inspection. 10' Pikes cannot be wielded by Rank and File Militia members. While wielding a 10' long pike, the hero wielding it cannot be wearing any arm armor; the pike is too unwieldy for that. The cost per Epic Pike is 5 chips.
  • Spell Boost: You can use this bonus to increase the power of one of the learnings of the spells of a single spell caster. This ability may increase the number of castings of the spell or in some way make the spell more effective. When you buy this ability you may only specify the spell caster being effected and the spell that you wish to have boosted. You may not request the effect of the boost. The cost is 3 chips per boosted spell.
  • Hero's Escort: This ability allows the instantaneous transport of a single hero from one battlefield to any other battlefield that is currently under the control of your army. This ability will allow the transported hero to instantly join a unit in a battlefield they are being transported to. Defending heroes can be moved in this fashion. Sending a Hero's Escort costs 3 chips.
  • Redistribute Troops: You can use this ability to redistribute all of your Rank and File Militia across the entire battle map. When you distribute troops you may remove as many poker chips from as many battlefields and/or units as you choose and place them into any other units or battlefields that you control. Redistributing Troops has a cost of 5 chips.
  • Warhorse Transport: Using warhorse transport, you can allow one of your units to move one space further than usual for one single movement phase. On the next movement phase, the unit that you specified is able to move a distance of two total spaces, as long as the intermediate space that the unit moves through is under the control of your army. Using Warhorse Transport costs 2 chips.
  • Increase Morale: You can use requisition bonus to increase the overall morale of your army. Every 2 chips spent for increasing morale gives your army +1 morale bonus.