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The War of Shadows

In the fall of 2011, due to political turmoil in the great nation of Chimeron, a small member nation known as Darkvale threw off the yoke of their former leadership and revolted against monarchial rule. It wasn't long after this uprising, however, that the heroes of the realms learned the entirety of the rebellion was orchestrated by the forces of evil; their subtle machinations intended to obscure a deeper and darker purpose.

On a warm October evening, the standing army of Chimeron gathered,aided by allies from about the Realms and bolstered by the presence of Sir Shane, avatar of Rowanam. On the borders of Darkvale they assembled a war camp worthy of sustaining the battle they were poised to undertake. At once an effort to reclaim the lands of Darkvale for the crown and upset the intentions of the evil forces that lurked in the background.

When the dust had cleared at the end of the weekends' battles there had been some measures of victory, some measures of defeat. As always in war there were no absolutes, and all triumphs were tinged with the heavy burden of great loss. Yet Darkvale was returned to the embrace of Chimeron and evils that lurked in the shadows were brought into the light, and that was victory enough to sustain the cause of justice for a time.

This event ran on October 14 though October 16 in 2011. The information on these pages, which summarize the unique rules for this war event, is being left online as an archive. Other event holders who are interested in utilizing or adapting these rules for a similarly themed war event are welcome to do so and are encouraged to seek out Jason Rosa for advice regarding which aspects of the rules worked best and which might need some adjustment.