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Morale Upkeep

Army Morale and Morale Bonus Upkeep: The morale level of your army is an indication of how their fighting spirits and loyalty fare in the face of a long day of battles and general war-weariness. At the beginning of the day, depending on the morale gained from war camp construction from Friday night, your army will get an amount of morale represented by a number of white poker chips. Those morale chips will be kept on the War Map to show the current morale level of the army.

During the planning phase of the turn, the Commander of the Army gains morale chips based on the following list:

  • Plus 1 morale chip for every battlefield that was conquered this turn (was under enemy control and is now under the Army's control).
  • Plus 1 morale chip for every region that has completely come under the control of the army that turn.

After gaining new morale chips, the Commander of the Army must pay the morale upkeep cost from the following list.

  • 1 morale chip for the end of the phase
  • Plus 1 extra morale chip for each unit that engaged in battle that turn
  • Plus 1 extra morale chip for each unit that lost their battle that turn (Defending troops do not cost morale if they lose a battle)

The Commander of the Army must always attempt to pay all of the morale costs that are owed during the planning phase. If there are not enough morale chips to pay the entire morale cost for that turn, the following effects take place:

  • All remaining morale chips are spent, reducing the army's morale to zero.
  • All Rank and File Militia chips immediately leave the units they are in and become defending troops in whatever battlefield the unit is currently in.
  • Rank and File Militia chips may not be part of any units in the following turn.
  • No 'Trappings of Civilization' powers can be used in the following turn.