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What Lurks Beneath V
The Fury of the Flame
Running Quest Log

November 2, 1013:

The call to battle sounded, and one final time the heroes of the Realms made their way to Cold Springs, the capital city of Rhiassa, to begin their final assault on The Great Eye, the eldritch horror that stirred from its slumber far beneath the streets. Lord Aeston's scouts had found that the way forward led through magma filled caverns that wound deep into the earth.

The hordes of Monsters As the adventurers breached the smoldering depths, an all-too-familiar sight met their eyes. Wave after wave of goblins and trolls threw themselves forward to arrest the progress of the heroes. The Great Eye anticipated this showdown, after all, and knew that it must bring to bear the full might of its armies if it was to have a chance at survival. The armies of monsters were at their most fierce on that day, with giant turtle shields and impossibly large pikes the creatures, all garbed in the heraldry of their evil army, did all they could to slow the progress of the heroes, but to no avail.

Firing a fireball After fighting through the hordes of green and brown skinned monsters, the players found their way halted by a gigantic lake of magma. There seemed to be no path around it or above it, but cracks in the ceiling of the cavern made it seem as if rocks could be dropped into it from above to make a path. Fortunately, the shore of the lake was filled with magical implements capable of gathering and shooting fireballs, and as the lake of magma spit them out, the heroes were able to fire them at the stone columns that kept the ceiling up. After the columns were shattered, the adventurers were able to cross over a haphazard bridge made of fallen stone.

The fire dragon attacks Shortly afterward, the heroes found themselves in another giant chamber. There, imprisoned behind a magical wall of water, was a young woman alight with flames, a fire elemental. The adventurers could spare her little mind, however, as their attention was directed to another part of the cave where a small force of goblins and trolls held captive a giant fire dragon with similar magic walls. The monsters released the mammoth beast at the heroes, and at first, they could do little but scatter from its path, as their weapons bounced off its thick hide. Soon, however, they learned they could gather up the water walls and direct the dragon's path. They aimed it towards the fire elemental. Seeing its companion imprisoned, the dragon tore through the elemental's magical cage, freeing it, before flying off to parts unknown.

The fire elemental, no longer captive, explained to the heroes that The Great Eye, for the past few years, had been absorbing the elemental, shamanistic magic that was once so benevolently used by the ancient civilization of trolls. Elementals, like herself, were slowly disappearing as their power became absorbed. She had little power left, but would use what remained to enchant a sword wither her fiery wrath. A sword that could pierce the visage of The Great Eye.

Onward the adventurers traveled. They came upon an area of the cave that seemed strangely dark, and found that some of their chests glowed with a colored inner fire. Soon afterwards, members of the troll and goblin army glowed as well, and the heroes found they could only damage a monster if they had the same colored fire upon their breast. To make matters even more challenging, the same fires had to be used to open the way forward by being placed in the doors barring the way. The going was slow and the fighting was hard, but in time, the adventures found their way through the darkness and the inner fires disappeared.

The magic sword, aflame Coming around one final set of caverns, the lust for battle welling up in their hearts, the heroes pushed open a door and saw their opponent. The Great Eye sat, blocking an entire chamber, giant tentacles reaching from its sides. Around it stood countless small demons, imps, that sat ready to protect their master with their very lives. In front of it, sat several layers of impenetrable barriers, which blocked attack and advancement from the adventurers. Yet as the heroes fought their way past the tentacles, they found that they could deactivate the barriers that stood in their way. As the last barrier was removed, the fire elemental used the remainder of its strength to alight a magic sword, and handed it to one of the heroes. The sword, flaming with righteous fury, was brought down upon The Great Eye, and it's earthly form exploded before the sight of the heroes. Yet they would soon learn that their task had but begun.

From beyond where the eye stood, the heroes heard a voice beckoning them to come quickly and find an area of refuge. As the adventurers rushed forward, they saw the ghostly form of a troll shaman. As they entered the dark caverns where he stood, the heroes were attacked by more of the same imps that had surrounded The Great Eye. Having to carve their way through the horde, the heroes followed the ghost troll and found a place to rest where the enemies stayed at bay.

The ghost of the shaman The shaman explained to the heroes that he was the last spirit belonging to the civilization that had once stood in opposition to The Great Eye. When that ancient culture had finally learned how the great demon could be defeated, they sent the most powerful of their shamanistic warriors to do battle with the eldritch horror and end its life. Just as the heroes had managed to do, these ancient warriors had destroyed the mortal form of The Great Eye, and just as the heroes now found themselves, the shaman warriors were transported to a demonic demi-plane that was the true body of the great monster.

In order to finally defeat The Great Eye, the shaman carried with them some potent tools. Patterns of power, which would give them the strength to hurt the monster in its own realm. And mighty javelins that contained the essence of each of the four elements, that could be used to pierce the heart of the ancient demon. Yet, even as they progressed closer and closer to The Great Eye's heart, they found they were unequal to the task before them. One by one they fell, their spirits trapped with their enemy. Yet they found some semblance of victory, as even in death, they were able to use their power to put The Great Eye into a deep sleep.

Yet over the countless ages, the power of their spirits faded away, until there was but one remaining. This final shaman, the one that stood before the heroes, bade them to finish the work that he and his companions had once begun. To find the pieces of the patterns. To recover and recharge the elemental javelins. And to strike at the heart of The Great Eye and end its evil for all time.

The heroes, renewed in their sense of purpose pushed their way forward through the blood-soaked caverns that were The Great Eye's body. They ended the lives of countless imps that threw themselves forward to bar the adventurer's path. As they went, they found tiles that once belonged to the patterns of power. One at a time, they recovered the elemental javelins, giant weapons that sat ready to accept the power they needed to once again gain their former strength. The combat was fierce, and the heroes were exhausted, both in stamina and in their magical strength as well, but their efforts were worthwhile as they busted through one final door.

The heart of the demon The sound of a tremendous, monstrous heartbeat echoed through the dark cavern. In the center, a three-chambered heart pulsated, surrounded by magical barriers, guarded by thrashing tentacles. Imps poured out from within in, rushing forward to expend the last of the heroes' resources, to leave them impotent and vulnerable as were the shaman who last sought to end the life of their host. As each imp was cut down, its body exploded with elemental energy, which the heroes could use to fill the waiting javelins until they possessed the fullness of their power.

The heart of the demon The patterns were assembled and put in place. The javelins roared with strength. The heroes used the last of their energy to push back the endless waves of imps and clear the way forward for the final attack. Holding aloft the projectiles, each of four heroes stood in the patterns, and with a coordinated assault, they let loose the elemental javelin's and pierced the heart of The Great Eye. and yet, even as they celebrated their victory, they were forced to watch in horror. The spirit of the last great shaman, who had fought so long against this demonic enemy, was subsumed by the ancient horror and took on the visage of a newly born eyeball demon, lashing out at the surrounding adventurers. But to little avail, for the infantile demon had little of its own strength. The heroes quickly ended this newborn threat with sword and spear, and the ancient shaman's spirit could finally rest.

It had been a long fight. First began in a time of antiquity by an ancient race. Continued years before, when the armies of trolls and goblins began raiding the stores of Rhiassa for their own nefarious ends. No part of the battle was easy. The minions of The Great Eye were fearsomely strong and countless in number. Yet before the dedication and might of the heroes of The Realms, no evil could stand for long. Rhiassa was safe.

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