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Friends and worthy heroes of the Realms,

Four years ago, many of you arrived at Cold Springs to help us with what we believed to be a small band of raiding trolls and goblins, helping themselves to the goods in our storehouses before the long winter. We, of course, learned that such a mild assessment of the situation was very incorrect, and in the years of expeditions afterwards, have pieced together a very interesting, and very old story.

We know that countless ages ago the trolls in this region were not brutal savages, but rather a thriving, shamanistic, and overall honorable civilization. As all things that were once great must eventually fall, an otherworldly and unknowable evil besieged their city, its origin a mystery. Though they were able to wrest their magics against it, the ultimate conclusion was their destruction as a culture and the partial defeat of the eldritch horror, so depleted that it fell into an impossibly long sleep, deep underground. These legends, forgotten in the aeons that followed, were buried by time and finally by the construction of our country upon these lands.

Less than a decade ago, a group of adventurers, seeking undiscovered knowledge of the past, wandered the tunnels underneath Cold Springs. These men and women, the Bronze Explorers, first disturbed the slumbers of the ancient evil as their wanderings caused them to transgress upon the magical prison that helped to hold the creature in stasis. As the mind of the being stirred, the remnants of that ancient civilization, the savage trolls of today, were called to its servitude. They began to prepare for the eventual awakening of their new god, and garbed themselves in its heraldry, calling it The Great Eye.

The last few years have seen our continuous struggle against the armies of The Great Eye. Each journey to the underground has pushed us further toward its lair, up until last year where a final confrontation was delayed only by the awakening demon's magical dismissal of the assembled heroes, no doubt out of fear. Now the time comes to march our army for the final time under the streets and sewers of Cold Springs. We will bring final battle to the lair of The Great Eye, now, before its awakening is complete.

The smell of brimstone lingers in the deepest parts of our city, and tremors from deep within the earth are a daily occurrence. Any time remaining is most certainly short. Our scouts have not been idle. The passage forward has been sought and prepared for you. We will plan our final assault on the first weekend of November. All who are willing and able to lend aid are welcome, and the spoils of war are yours for the taking.

We will see you soon.

With much gratitude,
Sir Aeston Stromgate