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Hello friends and allies,

It has been many seasons now since we first began the campaign against the clan of monsters living beneath our very feet. Years ago, in our naivete, we believed them to be little more than disorganized bands, stealing from our storehouses just as a matter of survival. But through your help and several excursions into the Rhiassan underground, we now know the truth to be much more dire.

Thanks to your efforts, we know things about this land that were shrouded in many years of lost history. Aeons ago, long before the civilization of man took root on this spot, a different society called these lands home. A sprawling culture of troll clans, practicing a benevolent shamanistic magic. Yet, as is so often the tragic case, when beset by an overwhelming evil this society could not stand, and though they were able to reach a stalemate with the great, malevolent force we now know as The Great Eye, the price they paid for it was the destruction of everything they had built, and a retreat into the barbarism they are known for even to this day.

And now The Great Eye stirs again. Using a corruption of that same shamanistic magic, it has called forth the descendants of that once-great culture and bent them to its will. What it began countless ages ago it seeks to continue, to gain control over these lands and pervert them toward whatever purpose only a being such as that could understand.

And so again, we much beseech your aid to stop it.

Our scouting attempts have revealed that the trolls have begun an excavation project in the tunnels that run underneath Swift River. Series of water-hollowed caverns and underground lakes dominate the subterranean landscape there and our initial investigations hint that the area will likely be used for their unholy communion with the spirit of water, much as we have already thwarted their attempts to channel the earth and the air to their ends.

We will plan our latest excursion for the final weekend of October. Any who are able to lend their aid will be welcome and as always, the spoils of war belong to those of you who take such great risks on our behalf.

Our deepest thanks, Sir Symir Anri and Sir Aeston Stromgate