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Hello friends,

Last year, you came to our aid to repel an attack by sinister forces lurking beneath the foundations of Cold Springs. Trolls, goblins, a demonic master of undeath, and a massive stone construct that seemed unstoppable. In the months since then, activities beneath the city seemed to have ceased completely. We have enjoyed a welcome peace.

A few days ago, however, we received a report that a young boy had disappeared. His parents informed the city guard that he would often go exploring in the caverns beneath the city, despite their warnings that they weren't safe. A party was sent to search for the boy. After many hours of searching they found him, slain and left in the dark.

The healers were able to revive him, and after returning him to his parents he was asked what killed him. He said was that while he was exploring he went around a corner and saw a group of trolls. He heard them say was something about "the big day". He tried to run away, but all of a sudden he could hardly run at all. "Like the air had hands and was holding me tight..” he said. They came upon him and stabbed him in the back.

Once again, on Behalf of Lord Sir Aeston, I must ask for your aid. Some threat is growing beneath the city, and we must mount an expedition to find it, and stop it. Meet me in Cold Springs in the first weekend of December if you wish to take part. As before, any spoils of war found beneath the city are yours.

My thanks,
Squire Symir Anri