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What Lurks Beneath II
The Soul of the Stone
Running Quest Log

October 30th, 1010:

Once more at the request of Lord Sir Aeston, adventurers from the Realms-over gathered in Rhiassa to re-enter the tunnels, sewers, and catacombs under the city in order to further investigate the source of the mysterious and increasingly concerning raids upon Cold Springs. Gathering in the basement of a manor-house where last year’s expedition ended, Sir Aeston explained to those in attendance that the mysterious quakes the city had been feeling have been increasing, and that further investigation into the underground tunnel network was indeed necessary. Aeston and Squire Kyntela saw off the adventures as they ventured once more into the darkness.

At first the sights were familiar, trolls and goblins in their specific, mysterious heraldry, showing a strange, single eyed entity. The heroes fought their way past these monsters for a short while until they began to see something strange.

The Mysterious Puzzle Tiles Scattered about were stone tiles, as if hewn from a rocky floor, upon them, glowing with magic, strange lines and colors. Soon after encountering these enigmas, the questing party came upon a sealed door, beside it a platform with other colored lines that seemed to meld into the nearby wall. Quick thinking on behalf of a couple heroes revealed that one of the tiles fit perfectly into the platform. This arrangement caused the pattern to surge with energy… the more people nearby it, the greater the energy became. Surely the energy of life and the patterns around them were in some way connected. When enough heroes got close enough to the pattern, the door ahead of them flung open.

The Rock Golem Soon after the door opened, a quake shook the room. Through the wall exploded a mammoth form, a huge creature made of stone, its eyes glowing blue with the magic of being animated. While, at first, the heroes were cautious, they soon realized there was no way to damage the beast and no way to reason with it. They learned they had little recourse but to flee the unstoppable killing machine, even though it wore a piece of the pattern around its neck.

The heroes continued in this way for some time, battling trolls and goblins, gathering pieces of some odd, huge, magical puzzle, unlocking the way ahead of them using the patterns, fleeing from the rock golem when it appeared. Meanwhile, a strange and powerful being known as Baba Yaga whisked away some heroes in small groups, summoning them to her strange magical hut. Amongst the great number of oddities the witch stored therein, each group of heroes found a vial of alchemical ingredients. Though they perhaps did not fully understand why these potions were needed, each group, in turn, gathered the bottles.

The Turtle Nest Not long after, the heroes stumbled upon one of the homes of the troll turtle-handlers, who had found a way to make their pets invulnerable when tethered to a chanting shaman. The heroes were defenseless against the cave turtle attack unless they could kill the shaman or break the leash, both of which they struggled to do as they moved forwards. After beating down several of these monsters, they made their way to what must have been a turtle breeding ground, for in there was a large clutch of turtle eggs, and an odd collection of turtle foods and other… products. Most of the eggs were taken home to be cared for by the adventurers.

Still later in their journey, the heroes came upon an opening into the sepulchers where heroes of the Lion Militia were entombed. Somehow, there, the life energy had been corrupted, and the normal cycle of life and death eroded into a constant pulse of undeath. The militia members walked, aimlessly attacking anyone they saw. Though a strike would bring them down, it was but a few short seconds before the ambient undeath magic would cause them to rise again. All the while, the rock golem continued to pursue them, always entering the area with the force and fury of an earthquake.

Undead Lion Militia To make matters worse, a shamanistic voice boomed through the air, granting the skeletons greater and greater powers. After moving through the burial vaults for some time, the questing party came upon a platform where they could see how the pattern had been perverted. Using their own pattern pieces they were able to set the flow of life and death to right again, and the undead ceased their animation as soon as the pattern was empowered with enough of the heroes nearby.

The heroes pressed onward, again fighting off the trolls and goblins that came at them from all directions. In the meantime, from Baba Yaga’s hut, all of the potions, as well as the instructions on how to mix them, were obtained. The heroes learned that the recipe and ritual once belonged to an ancient people called the Balanche. Their warriors were avatars and guardians of the Earth Spirit and they were granted the boon of being strong enough to slice through stone in single combat with the Spirit’s enemies. In trade for this ability, they gave up a part of their souls to the Earth Spirit, herself. Willing members of the tribe were anointed with a holy oil, mixed from the very ingredients that had been taken from Baba Yaga.
The Potion Ritual
When the heroes finally found a chance to pause their journey, and a convenient hearthfire to provide the needed heat for the alchemy, they mixed the ingredients, chanted the ritual, and anointed many of their own who knew it would be their job to take down the golem when they next saw him. The anointed faces glowed with holy power.

Immediately afterwards, the adventurers entered an odd room. Carved from the rock, it was clearly a throne room and an arena in one. In the center of the arena stood the rock golem. At the head of the room, a grand shaman on a raised dais, and above him, a demon, clad in armor, wearing the same heraldry as the trolls.

The Arena The demon ridiculed the heroes, belittling their ability to defeat his golem pet in single combat, disparaging their attempt at reassembling the pattern that he had gained control of; especially since they had to do so in easy range of the grand shaman’s magic, and in easy range of the demon’s mind-control abilities.

Yet, despite many setbacks and hardships, the heroes battled their way forward. After several attempts, one of the anointed heroes was able to strike down the golem alone. Many others labored to keep away the endless barrage of trolls and goblins from all angles.

The Demon in Command

Shielding each other with their very bodies, the heroes allowed those in charge of the pattern to reassemble it in the correct place, even stealing the last of the pieces right from the demon’s unwary hands. In a final press, the pattern of life assembled again, the magic circle protecting the demon and shaman dispelled, the heroes struck down the demon (which vanished in a puff of sulfur), found the closest exit back to the surface, and emerged victorious.

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