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Hello friends,

A year ago, many of you came to our aid amidst a citywide crisis of raids on our storehouses. Thanks to your efforts we learned of a grave threat beneath our very feet, and due to your victories on that day the raids around Cold Springs abated for some time. Now, however, as we wind down towards the long winter, these attacks have begun again in earnest.

Always with deadly precision, striking areas of the city where our defenses are weakest, the trolls and goblins take what they need and escape before we can respond with a true engagement of our forces. And there is something else; in the aftermath of one raid that did not go in the trolls' favor, we found a piece of manuscript on one of the shaman. Written in elder futhark, it seemed to be part of a spellbook.
It read:

The pattern of life flows through all things.
The weaver of that pattern controls all things.
The pattern, broken, is bent to our will.
The soul of the stone stirs... waiting.

I have guessed at the meaning of these words. I have grown concerned by the faint tremors beneath our feet. The time has come again for Rhiassa to seek your aid.

We offer the spoils of war to those of you who would join us on our second expedition into the city's underground. If you wish to take part in this adventure, meet us just north of the city center on the final weekend of October.

My thanks,
Lord Sir Aeston Stromgate