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What Lurks Beneath 2009
Event Announcement

Hello great men and women of the Realms,

As the days grow colder and shorter, of course, the thoughts of Rhiassa turn to the harvest and fortification required to endure the winter months. This normally bustling time of our year, however, has been fraught with some difficulty.

For the past couple of weeks, nighttime raids on our storehouses have left guardsmen dead and provisions missing. Far more organized than common petty thefts, the culprits have been able to figure out where the best supplies are being kept and avoid any patrols set by the knights or militia of Rhiassa.

For the time being, we have been able to spread ourselves thin enough to stake out every area of import, and the raids have been halted for now. My gut tells me, however, that this is just a calm before the storm. Initial investigations into the source of the raids point to an older part of Cold Springs with an unused and decrepit catacomb system under the streets.

Since many of you are in the business of adventuring, Rhiassa would appreciate any help you would be willing to lend for an initial foray into that area. We will be gathering an expedition force on the 14th of November. These areas of the underground have never been explored in recorded memory, so dangers and spoils no doubt await. Come prepared for the unknown.

Thank you,
Sir Aeston Stromgate