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Echoes of Ragnarok
Main Quest Log

November 21, 1015:

Having traveled back over the Vanfrost, securing the promise of aid from the heroes of the Realms, Ulric and his Jomsvikings followed through on their intentions and managed to commune with the remaining gods to learn how that heroic effort might best be spent. So on one fall day, passing again through the Vanfrost to Rhiassa, he summoned forth the adventurers who had pledged their aid and bode them to travel to Svartelvheim, a world made of nothing but earth and caverns, the domain of the dwarves and the black elves. There they were to try and convince the dwarven race, master blacksmiths all, to reforge the Heilvápin, the gods weapons, that were consumed in the fight with the Black Death.

Pushing the Cart So the heroes did assemble, and rearranging the gate of the Vanfrost to direct their travel to Svartlevhiem, traveled across the shadowed path to the worlds of Norlund. They arrived in a cavern bereft of living creatures, but one that certainly must have been bustling with activity once, for the remnants of a mining operation were there for all to see. A minecart on its tracks, pickaxes, hammers, even a guide to the dwarven methods of forging weapons. The adventurers quickly figured out that there was magically empowered ore in the walls of the caverns, and that it could be mined and freed. Good news, since it's magical power seemed to restore to them the use of spells that they were bereft of after passing through the gate.

Making their way through the cave, pushing the minecart along its track, they soon found the denizens of this underground world. They were attacked by dwarves... but not the noble creatures that they were directed to speak to, rather, their reanimated flesh being controlled by black elves that stood behind them. The heroes had no choice but to fight their way through, none of these creatures seemed interested in parlay. And so their quest began, fighting their way through caverns, resolving odd magical circuits requiring gemstones to open doors or switch tracks, demolishing walls in their way with barrels of TNT, mining piles upon piles of ore and pushing it forward along with them in their cart.

Forging a Weapon Before long, the adventurers came upon a magical dwarven forge. Set upon it was a pattern for a weapon that they had to decode. This involved placing the colored, magical ore on a grid. Once they were sure they had solved the puzzle they struck the forge with the smith's hammer that they had found and the ore melded together to form a sword. What is more, that sword, clearly one of the Heilvápin, had many great powers. Most notably, the ability to smite elves that it struck. Along they way the adventures would find more of these forges, each with its own pattern, and one after they created the weapons of the gods, hammers, axes, a shield, a bow, even a flail.

Traveling cave after cave, the heroes came upon a scene unlike those before. A cavern filled with magma, fire elementals and imps spewing about balls of flame. Perhaps to many that would not seem an odd sight, but those who understood the worlds of Yggdrasil knew that these were creatures of Muspelheim, and there was no sense to why they would be within a realm of earth. Later on, the heroes encountered a cavern where two eldjötnar, fire giants, wandered around the chamber aimlessly. It was clear that something was greatly amiss in Svartlevhiem.

A Fire Giant Continuing their journey the heroes found signs that what remained of dwarven civilization must be close, as they stumbled upon some deactivated mining automatons. Soon afterwards, while resting in a narrow corridor, they heard a booming voice ring out, challenging their presence so close to the last remaining bastion of dwarven power in a world that was quickly succumbing to the black elf menace. This was Wéland, and though he was not king of the dwarves, he served in that role now, as the lords and kings above him had all been killed in the fight against the Black Death. Wéland was, however, the most renowned of the dwarven smiths, and the design of many of the Heilvápin was his doing.

Ancient Automations Wéland had found the heroes while returning from his own very dangerous mission. The black elves, always the enemies of the dwarves but still intent of joining all the races in Ragnarok, had somehow come to the decision that they would rather rule this world than cede to its rebirth in the cycle. And so they resolved to wipe out the dwarves and eliminate the chance that the gods could ever receive new weapons by their hands. Wéland's castle and the remnants of his people were besieged by the champions of the black elves, and above them, a champion of champions that the dwarven warriors had no chance of defeating for it required the power of the gods to do so.

Wéland, therefore, had risked life and limb to find an ancient vault and within it the pattern to forge Mjölnir, the holy weapon of Thor himself. Receiving the pledge of the adventurers' aid, he bade them to enter his fortress, for the Heilvápin that they wielded could defeat the black elf champions who wielded corrupted Heilvápin of their own making, and once they were slain, and assault could be made on the champion of champions, himself.

The Dwarven Keep The heroes emerged from the cavern into three tiers of a giant keep. Just as they collected in the courtyard, a wave of black elves rushed forward and broke what remained of the battered front gate. The adventurers met their attack, however, and held them at the entrance to the keep. One by one the dark elf champions were challenged, and as the heroes defeated them with matching Heilvápin, both of the weapons vanished as their energies negated one another. Meanwhile, one more time, the magical forge of the dwarves was activated and from the pattern and ore was produced Mjölnir.

Finally, with each of the champions vanquished, the heroes pushed forward to the outside of the keep, past the army of black elves, to the champion of champions that stood waiting for a worthy foe. As he roared out his challenge and strode forth, ready to strike, one brave hero summoned forth the power of Mjölnir and fired into his breast a lightning bolt of godly potency. Clutching his chest the champion fell forward, defeated.

Facing the Champion Wéland was overjoyed. With the greatest of the black elf warriors defeated, what remained of his people could finally gain ground and begin mining once again. He pledged himself and the rest of the smiths of his people to reforging the Heilvápin and rearming the remaining gods for the battle at the end of the world. Victorious, the heroes were able to travel home on the Vanfrost until the next time Norlund required their aid.
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