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The Gilded Lion Summer Festival 2018
Echoes of Ragnarök: Midgard
Main Quest Log

June 23, 1018

Thorafin Greets the Heroes It was a dreary day in early summer when the heroes of the Realms arrived in Midgard. A light drizzle through the morning cast what was supposed to be a celebratory day in grim contrast to the actual fate of the world they found themselves in. The adventurers had arrived over the Vanfrost not heeding the call of their usual compatriot Ulirc the Jomsviking. Instead, they were summoned to meet and to learn the motivations of someone declared to be his enemy. Jarl Thorafin, leader of the Western Peninsula.

Playing Knattleikr The adventurers were eager to hopefully have some questions answered. What was Jarl Thorafin’s plan? Why was he resisting Ragnarok? Was Norlund truly beyond saving - was reigniting Ragnarok the right choice? All these questions weighed heavily upon the hearts of the adventurers as Jarl Thorafin, their host for the day, introduced himself. Thorafin announced that he would not just explain himself with words - rather, he was going to use the celebration held that day to demonstrate just how alive Midgard (and by extension, Norlund) was. To this end, there would be contests between those loyal to the Jarl and the adventurers, and meals fit for heroes throughout the day. The winner of each competition would receive wooden runes - a small trinket, to indicate their success. Bragging rights, more than anything.

For lunch, Jarl Thorafin provided a hearty meal of chicken wings, ribs, and grilled corn. Jarl Thorafin emphasized the his point through the festivities: how could a dying world provide for such a bountiful feast?

Contacting Mimir The adventurers competed throughout the day in various games, ranging from the board game Hnefatafl to the athletic game of Knattleikr, winning the aforementioned runes throughout the day. However, the adventurers would soon learn that these runes were more than mere trinkets. Those who proved themselves trustworthy were soon contacted by Priest Aros - a priest of Mimir, god of secrets, disguised as a member of Jarl Thorafin’s court. Priest Aros explained that his order had been wiped out by Jarl Thorafin; the temple had been looted. The runes were in fact usable by Aros in a ritual to contact Mimir, who could then relay secrets of Norlund to the word.

Aros in Chains These secrets were earth shattering, ranging from “The fires of Muspelheim fade,” to “Norlund is a dead world in its death throes.” The exact message of each revelation was different, but the overall theme was the same. Norlund was as a candle burning out its wick, with no energy left to rekindle the cycle of life and death, and Ragnarok was a way to fix this. Before more revelations could come to light, however, Priest Aros was discovered by the Jarl’s men. He was brought out in chains before the adventurers. Jarl Thorafin accused the adventurers of treachery, had Aros executed, and banished the players back to the Realms.

Cold Springs Creamery Once back in Rhiassa, the heroes were welcomed back to a dinner of custom made burritos, built right in front of them using ingredients they selected. While there was business to be discussed, Lord Aeston and Lord Gwen insisted that the adventurers continue to relax for a bit, and celebrate their victories from that day. To this end, they introduced the adventurers to their newest venture - Coldspring Creamery. For dessert, the adventurers were able to select a number of mix ins and a flavor of ice cream, and have a custom mixed ice cream dessert made right in front of them. With that, the Summer Festival came to an end, and the adventurers made their way home.

Despite the hostile actions of Jarl Thorafin and the revelations of Mimir, the adventurers of the Realms did not return home with clear answers. They looked to Jarl Thorafin and his followers, and saw a people that had carved out a life for themselves in this supposedly dead world. Every step of the way to reigniting Ragnarok, the adventurers had faced these warriors and their allies. These men and women had shown both courage and a strong will to live - strong enough to defy fate itself. As such, for several adventurers, the path was clear - they would save Norlund from it’s own cycle of death and rebirth.

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