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The Gilded Lion Summer Festival 2017
Echoes of Ragnarök: Jotunheim
Main Quest Log

June 17, 1017

Ulric and BorsAs had become expected at this time of year, the heroes of the Realms received a request for aid from their ally in Norlund, Ulric. As he had many times before, the leader of the Jomsvikings sought their aid in repairing the damage Bedlam had done to his world. Now, however, it was becoming clear that their task would involve more than just fixing what The Black Death brought. It would involve a fight against those who would stop the worlds of Norlund from being healed by opposing the plan to rekindle Ragnarok. In this case, their unknown enemy was found to be marshaling the aid of the largest and most fearsome creatures of Jotunheim, the land of giants. While Urlic was not sure just how these beasts would be used to further the evil plans of their masters, he knew that destroying them before they could be brought to bear against them was the wisest course of action. So he asked the heroes of the Realms to make a series of surgical strikes into Jotunheim and to wipe out as many of these gargantuan monsters as they were able.

Ulric and BorsThis was a task easier said than done, however. The massive beasts of Jotunheim were so mighty in their stature and their constitution that the blade of a mortal was effectively useless against them. Yet hope still remained. Ulric introduced the adventurers to Bors, a Jotun who would aid them by conferring upon them the body, the life, and the might of his giant peoples, through a ritual which would divide those powers between several mortals. As heroes donned the powers of the Jotun they became giants themselves. Towering over their peers, they were ready and able to take on the great beasts of Jotunheim with the magical support of the non-jotunized allies.

Ulric had prepared a map for the adventurers, showing them the lands of Jotunheim. It was a world ruled by magic consisting of four elements, ice, flame, earth, and lightning, and different areas of the landscape emitted the energies, and was refuge to the beasts, aligned to each of these. The leader of the Jomsvikings explained that they had found in each elemental areas a king beast that was mighty enough to resist the assault of the heroes even in their Jotun form. To be successful, he explained, the heroes would have to hunt beasts from other elements and forge out of their viscream teeth, horns, and scales weapons that would be more effective against these king beasts and armor that would turn their massive blows.

Ulric and BorsThe adventurers first sought out creatures of earth and as they knitted together armor and wove new magic spells aligned with that element they found themselves equal to the task of defeating the Sky Fish, a King beast of lightning. Defeating still more denizens of the lightning element, the heroes were then capable of striking down the Ice Whale. In this same fashion the Flame Dragon fell next to weapons and spells made of ice. Finally the Wyrm of Earth met it's doom at the hands of heroes wielding implements of fire. It was a long day of hunting their prey and crafting the tools of war. While the fighting wore on into the late afternoon, Loki's aid was secured via the mysterious chests he always sees fit to challenge the heroes with. Unlocking their mysteries provided the heroes with even more powerful spells to wield.

Ulric and BorsFinally with each of the king beasts defeated, the final task set before the heroes was to seek out the mightiest of the creatures recruited into the army of their enemy, the Chimera of the Four Elements. Fighting this massive, four-headed beast was no easy task. It required the coordination of many heroes that had taken on the form of Jotun, each equipped to deal with a different elemental head of the monster. As lightning and fireballs and rains of acid filled the battlefield, the adventurers' swords struck their, their shields held fast, and their magic tore through wing and claw. In the end, the Chimera of the Four Elements lay defeated and the heroes of the Realms had once more foiled the plans of their mysterious enemy who sought to end their bid for the holy war of Ragnarok.

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