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The Gilded Lion Summer Festival 2016
Echoes of Ragnarök: Himmelberget
Main Quest Log

June 25th, 1016:

The missive came in early spring from Ulric, leader of the Jomsvikings. Once again he had, though investigation and consultation with the soothsayers, found a way that the heroes of the Realms could continue to aid the worlds of Norlund, setting right what was made wrong by the Black Death. So on a brutally warm summer day, the Adventurers gathered on the fields of Rhiassa, where the Vanfrost was first constructed, and met Urlic so he could explain to them, in detail, their next mission. Alongside Ulric this time was an armored woman, she appeared beautiful and mighty and cradled in her arms a giant horn, and behind her stretched a pair of large, angelic wings. This was Aela, a Valkyrie serving the god Heimdall. Urlic asked her to describe to the assembled heroes what was amiss with her master's domain and how it might be repaired.

Ulric and Aela Aela explained that Heimdall was the warden of the countless and complex paths that stretched through Yggdrasil and that, at the height of his power, no being could pass through the World Tree without his ascent. In the war against the Black Death, however, these many pathways were all destroyed and Heimdall's power had waned to the extent that he could not re-establish them. What is more, somehow, beyond their understanding, creatures from several of Norlund's worlds had started to find their way through the tree, taking paths unknown to Heimdall and that were beyond his ability to safeguard, so had his power been scattered beyond his reach.

The duty of the heroes, therefore, was to set up defenses along these unknown pathways in the form of "nodes". These nodes would allow the heroes to lay claim to certain powers within Yggdrasil, which would normally suppress most of their strength or mystical power. Viking nodes would allow heroes to be armored and to fight with increasingly larger weapons. Hunter nodes would give the heroes the ability to rain arrows on their opponents. Mystic nodes granted the heroes the ability to cast most of their spells and especially to blast their foes with magic missiles. Finally, siege nodes empowered the heroes to be able to throw boulders at the advancing armies. It was up to the heroes how they would arrange these nodes, for each had an area of influence that was quite small, and their goal was guard all of the ways through the many crisscrossing paths of Yggdrasil.

The Battle is Joined The waves of enemies came one after the other, black elves, dwarves, vikings, kobolds, trolls, fire imps and jotun. Troops from many different places all marching the same way through the paths. At first it was difficult to hold back their continuous assault, but as the players stuck down these monsters, small purple crystals were emitted. Collecting the crystals helped to restore some of Heimdall's power to him, and therefore gave the heroes the ability to build new nodes and make the existing ones stronger. Along the paths, heroes also found strange numerical maps which allowed them to rediscover ley lines as they were decoded. These resulted in restoring power to Heimdall as well. While these battles raged, Loki gave to the quest his own mysterious aid, placing several locked chests full of tricks and puzzles for the heroes to navigate through to earn his help.

The Loki Boxes As the battle continued throughout the day, a hulking figure of a man appeared at the paths. This was Olaf Skullspiltter, the proclaimed general of these forces. He warned the heroes that they stood against a great and noble effort that his armies were a part of, and bade them to abandon their attempts to belay him. The heroes stood resolute and the waves upon waves of enemies continues to try and force their way through the paths.

The Battle Becomes Furious As the sun lowered in the sky, the Loki boxes were finally unlocked. Within them, the trickster god's aid allowed the heroes to shut down one of the pathways through Yggdrasil. Meanwhile, Olaf Skullsplitter took the field once again, flanked on either side by the largest and most powerful array of troops that he had yet to display. Fortunately, the heroes had worked and strategies throughout the day to create an array of nodes that could withstand the assault. As the thunderously powerful viking surged forward greatswords swung, arrows were loosed, missiles rained down, and boulders crushed enemies in their path. When the dust cleared, Olaf fell, clutching his chest, crying out "My jarl, I have failed you!", before collapsing onto the dirt.

Olaf with His Troops With the defeat of Olaf, and the considerable amount of power that the adventurers were able to restore to Heimdall, the warden god could, himself, safeguard these strange new paths through the World Tree. Where these paths first came from, however, as well as the origin of the enemies that besieged them and the mysterious jarl behind it all... these mysteries must linger until another day.

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