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Questing in Rhiassa

This was the first great quest event held in Rhiassa. There were many moments worth mentioning here, but for now the description from realmsnet will have to suffice until a more detailed narrative can be penned:

The heroes of the Realms quested for the Healing Flag used every year at Queen of Hearts.

The Realms aided a mage in the woods (Keith Gerrard) in crafting a gargoyle.

Dolce betrayed the realms, killing her former teacher, stealing a map of Niefelheim, and escaping to the 7th plane of hell.

Topknot killed the Demon, 'Brand', in an attempt to remove the source of the power of the Drow of Niefelheim.

A group of Drow and Caer Muigire successfully quested to find components for a ritual to summon Highrider from Hell, hoping that the vengeful Highrider would destroy the Realms. Highrider turned many of his old comrades into "Dogs of War". Highrider commanded Sir Shane, his squire in life, to scalp him ten times. Shane complied, making Highrider a Dog of War Champion.

Stuart enfeebled a gate keeper in hell, (Kathy Journey) and due to this, the gates of hell were opened, letting things in and out. Ether of the Seers' guild took the Gatekeeper's place.

The Dogs of War were not defeated until several events later, though the secret to saving them had been discovered by the end of the day.