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Queen of Hearts XVII
Quest Log

August 14th, 1010:

As the Saturday portion of Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers drew to a close, the men and women of Rhiassa turned to a familiar ritual; hiding "The Chest" in the nearby woods so that their guests for the weekend could find a trove of goods to share with one another. When they arrived at the stronghouse where the chest was secured, however, they found the place comprised and all of the goods therein stolen. Some troll weapons carelessly left behind told the tale of what happened.

The clan of trolls was very brazen, attacking a main part of the city while so many heroes gathered nearby. It was deduced that they could not have been gone long, and if quick action was taken, perhaps their escape back towards the city underground could be cut off, and the goods retrieved. The heroes of the realms began their pursuit.

The trolls had made it rather far down the path toward Cold Springs, and, anticipating an attack to reclaim their bounty, had left a large number of warriors in the path of the adventurers. Though their progress was slowed by fighting so many goblins and trolls in their way, the heroes did eventually catch up with the vanguard of the warriors who had secured the chest and dug in to defend their quarry. After an intense battle that lasted for many long minutes, the last of the trolls was put down, the chest was reclaimed, and the bounty was brought back to the site of the tournaments to share with all.

In the aftermath, however, we are left to wonder... what in that stronghouse... in that chest... was of such importance to the trolls that they would make such a bold-hearted move? Far different from their usual tactics of striking where we are least ready to defend, this time the trolls attempted their raid at a time and place that would prove a great disadvantage. Was it a random chance, or was something there really worth the risk to them? What value truly lied in the chest?

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