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Rhiassan Quests

For many years, Rhiassa was known throughout the Realms as a place to go for the most exciting, action packed tournaments that can be found. We also have a long history of holding Feasts, from the annual Feast of Rhiassa events held "back in the day" to Lord Aeston's longstanding tradition of the Feast of the Leviathan which is now being held under the red and black banner. What was less well known is the tradition of questing in Rhiassa.

In our early years we were constantly beset with invading hordes of Drow elves, and after several years of successfully repelling them, the heroes of the Realms were eventually able to sever the tie the Drow had with Demonic powers at Questing in Rhiassa in 1995. Since then, an annual nighttime quest at Queen of Hearts has been enough to keep our lands relatively free of monsters and mayhem.

More recently than that, however, there was a time when goblins and trolls had surged in population and had succeeded in infiltrating the ancient caves and sewers under Rhiassa's capital city, Cold Springs. The "What Lurks Beneath" quest line, which ran for five years, explored the dungeons controlled by this monstrous army and their eldritch master.

But even though What Lurks Beneath has ended, more Rhiassa questing traditions are beginning to brew. Please use the links to the left to delve deeper and learn more about our trials and successes in running questing events.