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Echoes of Ragnarok IV
Main Quest Log

December 8, 1018

The heroes of the Realms, committed to the idea that there must be a way to repair the broken worlds of Norlund without first triggering the catastrophe of Ragnarok, realized that to start gathering the information they needed to act upon it was necessary for them to go to Asgard itself and ascertain the state of its denizens. Unfortunately with both the Bifrost and Yggdrissal itself completely impassable, they had to find a different way to the realm of the gods.

Ulric, committed to his pledge to help the heroes in their new mission, set his people to examining the ancient lore and in doing so found a chance at success. When Ragnarok began, as was foretold, the moon and the sun stopped their travel the sky. During the ensuing invasion of and war with The Black Death, the Gods that pulled them through the heavens with their chariots, Mane and Sol, were obliterated. Since that time neither of the stellar objects had moved, but when they once did, Ulric learned, they occasionally touched the firmament of Asgard and Midgard, both. If the heroes of the Realms could somehow stirr the moon out of its dormancy, they could perhaps use it as a mode of transportation to reach their destination.

Meeting Llwellen Urlic also knew that traversing the skies was well beyond help that he and his Jomsvikings might provide, but suspected there were others that might be of more aid. Knowing that the elves of Alvheim wielded such magic and technology to have created airships to take to the skies, Ulric recruited the services of an elven shipwright named Llwellen that the heroes might gain access to one of these magical vessels. Llwellen was honored to be of service in such an important task, and met the heroes on that late Autumn day to advise and guide them. Llwellwen explained that Mane, before it was towed across the sky by the god of the same name, was built and made mobile by the magic and technology of the elves. It might be possible, therefore, to resurrect that ancient machinery and thus once again propel the moon through the heavens.

So it was to the Moon that the adventurers were bound. It was an unfortunate reality, however, that the airships of Alvheim were all but obliterated in the war with the Black Death and the population of shipwrights, craftsmen, and artificers that created them were mostly eliminated as well. As fate would have it, however, there was a single unfinished vessel that lied in the dock, unable to be completed as the war waged on. Llwellen said he would gift it to the adventurers should they only give it the last of the magic it needed in order to fly. Floatsones, the flower of an arcane plant that the elves cultivate in their magical gardens.

Cultivating in the Elven Garden The heroes of the Realms entered such a garden and found but a few lone elves laboriously attempting tasks that helped generate the resources that the plants required. Yet so few were they and so weakened in the wake of the Black Deathís invasion, there was little they could do. The adventurers, however, took to the cultivation of the plants and in short order completed enough of them that they quickly grew the five floatstones that were required to imbue the ship with the power of flight.

The Ship in Port Following Llwellen, then, to the docks, the adventurers saw the vessel sitting in port. Pristine, bustling with controls and armaments, a sleek and purposeful craft that would undoubtedly serve the heroes well in their mission to traverse the skies and reach Mane. Llwellen then helped the heroes learn how the ship was operated. Dials and levers and knobs and switches controlled the flight maneuvers they would need to attempt. A captainís wheel and ten feathered oars would allow them to increase their speed and traverse their course. Ten stalwart shields would protect the ship from any dangers on the way. A mighty ballista boasted the power to obliterate threats in their path. Most of all, in bonding with a captain, the airship gained a voice of its own so that it could speak its needs to its crew and provide valuable advice and aid in their travels.

Facing the Sky Pirates To the skies the heroes of the Realms ascended. It was by no means an easy journey. When setting into the next port to gather supplies for their journey, the heroes discovered that it was being raided by air pirates in small flying craft of their own. Throwing firebombs at the adventurersí vessel, these ships proved a terrifying foe. Fortunately at the airdock itself were the scattered supplies necessary for the heroes to construct their own bombs. As they fired back at the enemy craft they were able to, one by one, rend the balloons that kept them aloft. When the last of each of those balloons was destroyed, the pirates crafts sunk below past the clouds and to an uncertain fate.

Invaders from Space Further threats would follow as the heroes sailed through the clouds. Giant, vicious birds and dragons of both fire and ice assailed the vessel as it continued to ascend. The adventures contended with giant vines that latched onto the ship as they flew by a floating island. They had to free their compatriots from the gelatinous clutches of a space amoeba by firing magical armaments and flying after them with jet packs. They had to fend off an attack of aliens firing bolts of lights at their ship. And all the while they expertly executed flight maneuvers and accelerated rowing speeds by using the tools available to them. Finally, having succeeded at one more complicated landing maneuver, the airship touched down on the surface of Mane.

Upon disembarking, the adventurers immediately met a wizened old elf who had seen their approach and thus prepared for them a hot meal, knowing that their journey must had been a long and harrowing one. Taking the heroes to his mountain hideout, the venerable old elf explained that for centuries the moon had served at a penal colony for dark elves, prisoners of war for the ceaseless conflict between the elves and their evil cousins. When the Black Death attacked, however, and most of the population of Mane was destroyed, the dark elves escaped their confinement and now ran amok. The old elf did know of the ancient machinery that once propelled the moon through the sky, he had once seen it all as a child, and he promised to guide the heroes to each of the devices if they were strong enough to beat back the dark elves that were sure to be in their path.

Connecting Magical Conduits Following the lead of the elf, the heroes battled their way to several destinations. There was a fortification where they needed to break their way through by setting energy cubes to the correct side. At the end, a giant machine that needed to be wound through the strength of many adventurers working together. Next, there was a room where magical conduits needed to be attached to heroes standing at colored nodes all while redirecting the pathways of automations who would accidentally destroy them if they passed through. They next needed to add energy to the atmosphere by gathering latent energy from slain dark elves. They used this energy, in the form of little stones, to create storm-callers which they shook to summon a tempest that would provide energy to the ancient lunar machines.

Bridging the Chasm Finally, the heroes approached a huge chasm on the moon that blocked their way forward. While they could chisel out blocks of stone and use them to construct a bridge across, their job was made much more difficult as the dark elves had equipped themselves with jet packs and were riding upon dragons. The adventurers carried stone and made their way across slowly as they fought back their foes and eventually managed to reach the other side, slaying all their enemies in the process. There, on the other side of the hastily constructed bridge, was the final machine.

The heroes of the Realms activated that final machine through pulling an extremely long cord for enough time as to start the ancient engines that gave Mane its power to move. The ground quaked and very slowly all present witnessed the reawakening of the moon and the revival of its pathway through the heavens. Nearby a circle of stones stood waiting for the heroes, an ancient elven transport gate that would allow them to instantly go home. Equipped with the plans to make connecting transport gates to get back there, Ulric agreed to build such a structure in Jomsviking lands, thus giving the heroes of the Realms the power to return to Mane whenever they please and thus forge a way forward to Asgard.

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