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Echoes of Ragnarok Legends
Main Quest Log

July 13, 1018:

Every land has itís tales of heroes - individuals who accomplished great deeds in their lifetimes. Midgard is no exception, and one of their legends revolves around a man named Sigurd. Sigurd was a great warrior, most known for the slaying of the evil dragon Fafnir. After his great deed, however, Sigurd was not to live an easy life - having taken a cursed ring from the slain beast, the hero doomed himself to a tragic end. In a fit of arrogance and greed, Sigurd attempted to strike Odin himself. His sword was shattered, and his own warriors turned on him for his transgression. He was sealed away using Odinís magic, entombed with the cursed ring that he would not release even in death.

This tomb sat undisturbed for hundreds of years. However, with the devastation wrought by the Black Death, Norlund is a changed place - and so to have itís people changed. Gunnar Bjornson, descendant of Sigurd himself, was one such man. Gunnar had decided he would reforge Sigurdís shattered sword, open the tomb, and reclaim the ring for himself. He would use this power to remake the world to his liking, trampling those who opposed him under his heel. Ulric of the Jomsvikings, who had been allied with Gunnar in the past, heard of the plot, and called on the adventurers of the Realms once more. Ulric asked the adventurers to carry out a grave task: find the cursed ring, and either destroy it or use its power to a more noble end.

The Puppet Show The adventurers met Ulric and his compatriots in their camp near the tomb on a clear night. It was customary on the anniversary of his death to retell the tale of Sigurd and celebrate his life and death through traditional games. The Jomsvikings reenacted Sigurd's life through a puppet show and between each act the visiting heroes participated in a game that symbolized that part of the tale. The heroes also learned about their task for the next day. When Sigurd struck Odin and shattered his sword, some of the Allfatherís essence was absorbed by it in the process. The vikings who killed and entombed sigurd made that shattered sword the key to his tomb. The next day would be a race between the adventurers and the traitorous Gunnar to see who could assemble the sword first.

Unraveling a Puzzle Fortunately the ancient vikings had laid clues for those clever enough to solve them so that the pieces could be found. By combining their wits and magic, the adventurers were able to solve the puzzles and claim several pieces of the sword. Gunnar, for his own part, had collected a few of the pieces as well. By the end of the day, inevitably, a confrontation took place between the two sides. At the end of the battle, Gunnar Bjornson laid dead - his life cut short, by his greed, like his ancestor before him - and the adventurers had all the parts of the ancient blade.

Facing Gunnar The heroes of the Realms were able to reforge the sword using their own might and magic and with that, the tomb could be opened. At nightfall, under the proper alignment of the stars, the adventurers stepped into the final resting place of Sigurd. Earlier in the day, they had learned that several runes were associated with specific colors. They used this knowledge to unlock the tombs doors - ingenious puzzles, designed by the same vikings who hid the sword fragments in the first place. They knew that in order to be victorious they must cleanse the tomb of corruption, the puzzles themselves were ancient conduits of power and by completing them they were able to use Odinís essence from the sword to accomplish that task.

Inside the Tomb As the adventurers delved deeper into the tomb, they heard strange noises. Unnatural growls and roars bellowed from Sigurdís chamber. When the heroes did reach the final part of the tomb, they found a giant undead dragon before them, the corrupted, twisted form of Sigurd, himself. It would seem that not even in death could the legendary hero escape the ringís curse. Dodging rays of necrotic energy that shone forth from the dragonís eyes and the noxious fumes that it exhaled, several adventurers made their way to the dragon and began fighting it. Eventually, they realized that it could not be killed from the outside, and began madly tearing at the dragonís flesh. After hacking their way through sinew and muscle, arteries and veins, they found the beastís heart. They tore it out of the beast, and destroyed it, finally putting an end to Sigurdís woeful existence.

The Undead Dragon While destroying the heart the adventures found the cursed ring that had defined so much of Sigurdís life and death. They brought the ring back to their camp, and faced a dilemma. They learned they could potentially use Sigurdís sword, still imbued with Odinís essence, to purify the ring, creating an object of great power that would certainly aid them in restarting Ragnarok. In the process, however, Odinís essence would be lost. Alternately, they could use the sword to destroy the ring. The sword would be unharmed and Sigurdís sin purified from it; while the cursed ring would finally be destroyed, any chance of using the ring for Ragnarok would be lost.

The discussion was short. The adventurers remembered the resolve they had seen from the inhabitants of Midgard. They met men and women who would fight and die for what was clearly a fading world, those who would do all they could to defy fate itself. The heroes decided to destroy the ring, and try to use what remained of the Allfatherís essence to rebuild Norlund without first destroying it in Ragnarok. In forging Sigurdís sword, the adventurers had also forged a new legend, one that would surely be passed down for generations. However, such sagas need a great heros as well. And who would be a better hero than the man who led the Jomsvikings, showing a strength of will that few other possessed? The adventurers handed Ulric Sigurdís sword, and insisted that he destroy the cursed ring - that he be the first new legendary figure of Norlund. With that, Ulric swung the blade, destroyed the cursed ring, and began a new chapter in Norlundís fate.

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