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KoEF Event 2012
Running Quest Log

September 15, 1012:

Fighting in the Cave

The Nexus portal opened into a dark, dank area deep under the streets of Cold Springs. A group of mismatched heroes stumbled out of the gate and were not surprised to find themselves beset by a small force of trolls, guarding a passage against intrusion. Steel soon met flesh and the adventurers pressed forward down the only obvious avenue through the tunnel, felling wave after wave of trolls all wearing the unmistakable heraldry of The Great Eye.

After a short time, the tunnel opened up into a large chamber. There, a troll shaman sat in a trance, reading out of an ancient spellbook adorned with shells. Though the heroes struck him, the magicks of his spell held him fast as the ritual continued. Perhaps he would have completed it, too, to some nefarious end, but as the heroes watched, his eyes opened wide in surprise, exclaiming that pages of the ritual were missing and that the magic was going out of control. The spell no longer in effect, the shaman was quickly destroyed, but as he fell, a wall of the room broke open and seawater began to fill the caverns. Along with the deluge were a pair of strange creatures, green skinned, bald, and with rows of long tentacles set around their mouths. The abominations sped through the new opening and, enraged, attacked the adventurers.

A Squidhead Creature Though the squid-creatures were dispatched easily enough, they possessed supernatural powers of regeneration and could not be halted for very long. The assembled heroes realized that it was their duty to forge ahead an investigate the source of the seawater even as they had to fight off repeated assaults from both these new creatures and waves of trolls that seemed to want to aid the new creatures, but had to still remain wary should they be attacked instead.

As the heroes pressed forward and felled their enemies, curious bounties were revealed to them. The missing pages of the spellbook were in the possession of the squid creatures, possibly secreted away by them as they knew the completed ritual would be their bane. Strange, luminescent, silver shells were scattered about the cavern as well, and the ritual pages spoke of their importance and their utility as the foundation of a legendary weapon.

Passing the Water After a long journey descending into the caverns, slogging through stagnant seawater and fighting past waves of foes, the heroes emerged into a gigantic cavern that was clearly carved out by the waters of some ancient ocean. Before them was evidently an ancient trap, or a puzzle, meant to guard a strange, nautically decorated altar at the far end of the giant room. Bands of magical, colorful seaweed separated the cave into sections. Ancient, decrepit, colored vessels were littered about the floor. Near the altar, a giant cauldron, poised to mix and hold a potion described in the spellbook, stood waiting for its bounty.

Completing the Ritual The seaweed barriers prevented the vessels from passing by them, and so to gather the chief ingredient for the potion, the seawater that sat in pools around the periphery of the cavern, the heroes were pressed into cooperation, passing the water from zone to zone even as it spilled out the cracked and shattered bottoms of the ancient pottery. But after many long minutes of continued effort, the cauldron was filled with water and the final ingredients of the tincture were added. The potion aspects of the ritual were complete.

Upon the altar, then, the heroes arranged the silver shells in the pattern described in the spellbook. A pattern that would yield a potent weapon against the squidhead creatures. As the ritual was read aloud from the pages of the tome, an appeal to the shamanistic forces of the ancient world, the potion from the cauldron was poured over the assembled shells and a miraculous transformation took place as they melded and transformed into a great and mighty trident.

Fighting with the Trident Their purpose completed, the adventurers set out to where the Nexus would take them home. Though the trolls and the squidheads both redoubled their efforts to stop them and recover the treasure, the trolls were no match for the combined strength of those there, and the squidheads were obliterated by the merest touch of the trident. In short order, the heroes worked their way out of the caverns and were swept up again by the portal that would take them to their next journey.

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