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Questing at Feast of the Leviathan

On the 10th anniversary of Feast of the Leviathan, Jason felt that the format needed to be updated for the changing times. Upon reaching a decade of history in this game, with an annual attendance reaching far past 100 people, Leviathan was begging to be transformed, to evolve into a more ambitions event. The decision was made to shift the feast itself until later in the evening, giving the Realms a solid afternoon of questing beforehand. Since Feast of Leviathan X, several different event holders have collaborated to bring their stories to the Pen & Sword.

As the level of attendance at Leviathan reached near 200, the questing format got to the point where it could no longer accommodate the number of patrons we received. At Feast of the Leviathan XV we decided to redirect our focus to the food and culture aspects of the event and bring an end to the questing portion of the event. Below is an archive of the quests that did take place during five years they featured prominently into the day.


Feast of the Leviathan X
Reign of the Just God
January 2008

During an era where the putrid hand of the Erl King attempted to reach ever further into the Realms, the denizens of the Lost Kingdoms had begun to sew bitter hatred amongst the common people of Vinehaeven in order to stir rebellion and occupy the attention of the Southern nations. It was their aim to anger the common man toward the heroes of the Realms who saw fit to feast during a time of scarcity and great want in the Wastes. The intervention of Justari, however, shed light on these machinations and the Just God oversaw a trial to condemn those who were pulling the strings. Yet, even as the Erl King's minions were exposed, an invading army of his strongest warriors besieged the tavern. Only after a long struggle were the heroes of the Realms successful and was Vinehaeven saved from the Rotting King's closing grasp.


Feast of the Leviathan XI
A New Pride
January 2009

Lurking in the surrounding woodlands, in search of ancient treasures that would further their evil plans, the Dragon Assassination Clan tracked their quarry, the key to opening the path to Death's Realm, to the nation of Vinehaeven. The heroes of the Realms raced against the ninjas to solve ancient riddles and piece together the armor of a long dead samurai of Yumenguan to summon him into the Realms. As the heroes had bested the ninja and been the ones to assemble the doorway and the armor, the great samurai Crow Feather came forth free from the mind control the Dragon Assasination Clan had sought to create. Once he stood again, he quickly defeated the ninjas as they fled before him. Though the heroes of the Realms tried to ally with this great hero, none could succeed in his test of worthiness, and he strode off into the darkness in search of his own new destiny.


Feast of the Leviathan XII
Another Hero Lost
January 2010

As graveyards in the surrounding countryside became mysteriously disturbed, and hosts of roving undead had been sighted in the night, it was clear that something was amiss in the land of Vinehaeven. As the heroes gathered to investigate, the foe that they were seeking emerged from the wood to greet them in battle. An immensely powerful lich who was searching for the corpses of dead heroes. These once-great men and women would be used as generals in his undead army from whom he could drain almost limitless mystic energy. Having temporarily driven off the undead sorcerer, the heroes of the Realms learned that they could disrupt his power by finding the undead heroes that served him and putting them to rest. As the day waned, they were able to do so to only a couple, after which the lich fled the area to seek safely and anonymity in the more desolate and remote parts of the Wastes.


Feast of the Leviathan XIII
A Brilliant Dawn
January 2011

Having dealt with the troll menace under the streets of Cold Spring for over a year, the heroes of Rhiassa were crestfallen to learn the monsters of this new clan had followed them South to Vinehaeven for the feast. Upon further investigation as to their cause, Squire Symir was captured and taken away by the trolls. Asking, once again, for the aid of the heroes of the Realms, quests were led by the members of Rhiassa to investigate the presence of these trolls and to determine the whereabouts of Symir. You can read the full account of their adventure in the What Lurks Beneath quest log, below.

Feast of the Leviathan XIII What Lurks Beneath Quest Log


Feast of the Leviathan XIV
The Tipping of the Scale
January 2012

Months before the gathering, High Priest Slaader arrived from the Illinarian front to deliver a message from The Just God, a warning that Bedlam would consume Rhiassa if the heroes of the Realms did not move to stop it. Lord Aeston was tasked with the duty to collect the ancient scriptures of Justari and to build a temple worthy of housing them in Southland, Rhiassa. In doing so, the strength of The Just God within Rhiassa would be bolstered and He would have the ability to intervene in the fight against The Infinite Dark. Once the scrolls were assembled and the temple sanctified, the assembled heroes ventured forth through portals to retrieve the ancient artifacts of the Saints of Justari, so to manifest The Just God's true power within the temple, and to gain His aid in destroying a Bedlam seed that had appeared within Rhiassa that very morning. A full account of those events and the heroes' brave deeds can be found in the Justari section of these pages, linked below.

The Just God Plot Information