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The Gilded Lion Summer Festival 2018
Echoes of Ragnarök: Midgard
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To the mighty warriors who triumphed over the Black Death,

Slowly, over the course of the last few years, it seems we have become aware of each other's existence. I would like to take this opportunity, therefore, to introduce myself formally and to be clear to you about my intentions and my place in the world.

My name is Thorafin, Jarl of the Western Peninsula of Midgard. It is my aim to prevent Ragnarok.

From what I understand, you're aware of the story of our worlds. You know that the invasion of the Black Death coincided with the onset of the sacred final battle. You know that the battle ceased as the ichor spilled over the land and the denizens of all the planes of Norlund turned their attention from the end of the world to fight this enemy that would erase our very existence. Of course we lost much to that invasion, and there is much rebuilding to do, but thanks to all of you we survived and something of our civilization remains intact.

Ragnarok, as you know, was meant to be the sacred ending and rebirth of our world. Some of my detractors claim that I am shunning the workings of fate by standing in opposition of it. Those words injure me. I am a faithful man and I lived my life believing in the plans of the gods. But the gods, themselves, fell to the Black Death. The Allfather is erased from existence. The Vigrid is a decimated wasteland. The prophecies refer to men and monsters and places that no longer exist. I am not shunning fate. Fate gave up on us long ago.

My goal is this. To take what's left of these broken lands and build an existence in which we can still thrive. Everything we once knew about our role in the world is now wrong, so we must forge our own way forward rather than dwell on a past that we can't change. The surviving men and women of Midgard and even those from the other worlds have made their way to my lands, urged on by the hope of piecing their lives back together, pledging their strength to my cause. The work that I do here is kind and it is just.

I know that I stand in opposition to many, including you. Rather than continue to clash with the great heroes who defeated the Black Death, instead I seek an accord with you all. This summer, in the midst of Solmanudur, my people and I have planned a festival to revel in what we have accomplished since we began our mission of rebuilding. I would like to invite you all to journey over the Vanfrost that you built and join with us not in battle but in celebration. Compete in games and break bread with my subjects and allow me the privilege of doing honor to the great heroes that saved the world. It is my sincere hope that we can seek a common understanding with each other.

In hope of a better world,
Jarl Thorafin