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Greetings, heroes of the Realms,

Again I must speak for all of the people of Norlund when I thank you for the selfless aid that you have given us in repairing our shattered world. Now that Surtr has been restored to his obsidian throne in Muspelheim, word has reached us that he has begun marshaling and rebuilding his armies that they can join the battle of Ragnarok as is foretold as our enemies. It is a great comfort to know we will someday meet them in glorious combat on the fields of the Vigrid.

Yet rest is something we can ill afford, as it is clear our mysterious enemies trying to prevent our aims are again making progress on their own plans. Our soothsayers have learned of strange activity taking place in Jotunheim. It is a land of giants, of course, and also beasts that enjoy that same physical stature. It seems that, in order to bolster their forces, our enemies are collecting together giant vicious beasts from both Jotunheim and the surrounding worlds and keeping them penned in various locations around that realm.

The best course for us would be to hamstring this effort of collecting beasts before it can be completed. I'm asking you to make a surgical assault upon Jotunheim, seek out the most dangerous and powerful of these beasts, and strike them down before they can be marshaled against us through whatever plans our enemies are concocting.

On the earliest part of Solmanudur please meet me where we first opened the Vanfrost in Rhiassa. Once again Lady Dame Areni has graciously offered to provide a staging ground for our assault and Squire Taliea will create for us a fantastic meal for after our duty is done. I will learn what I can before that time to better arm you with information for your quest.

Honor and Strength,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings