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Greetings, heroes of the Realms.

Once again I must begin with my earnest thanks and that of my people. Because of your intervention last autumn the dwarves of Svartalvheim have once again populated their kingdom and fired their forges. They have again begun the arduous but joyful process of creating the weapons of the Gods, as is their holy task. In a world where everything has become wrong, it is a small right that we can rally around, and through it find hope.

During your travels into the land of the Dwarves, many of you noticed the odd presence of fire jotun from Muspelheim. When I first heard your report I thought it odd, and it seems the fire giants' existence in the land of earth was a portent of much darker things to come.

When the Black Death struck us, travel between the worlds through Yggdrasil became impossible. The tree's magic had been disrupted, though no one truly understood how or why. Since that time, even with the eventual retreat of the darkness, the World Tree's many passages have been gone to us. Or so we thought. Perhaps the presence of those first jotun should have been a clue.

Somehow, some way, creatures from all the worlds have begun to worm through secret ways inside Yggdrasil, and they are gathering. Who is directing their movements and to what end is uncertain, but if it is they who rallied the Black Elves to their cause then I fear we have a great enemy whose goals may be very different than our own.

Heimdall, god of the watch, is sworn to the duty of protecting the passages through the World Tree and limiting their access to only those who have blessing of the Aesir. From his home on the mountain of Himmelberget, his task has been to guard these countless paths. Greatly wounded in the battle with the Black Death, however, the warden god is able to do very little to stop the progress of our mysterious enemy. It is on his behalf that you are being asked to intercede. Together we shall locate these hidden passageways and bring to bear what's left of Heimdall's power to create wards and defenses against these foul intrusions. It might at least buy us some time.

In mid Sólmánuõur please meet me and my Jomsvikings on the fields of Rhiassa where the Vanfrost was first constructed. The great and gracious Lady Dame Areni has invited us there to begin this latest quest and has promised as well to provide us with an afternoon and an evening meal.

Summon forth your courage, great heroes. We strive for the end of times together.

Honor and Strength,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings