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The Gilded Lion Summer Festival 2015
Event Announcement


Greetings people of the Realms,

We of Rhiassa would like to take the time to invite you all to travel to our lands for a day of food, fun, and fighting. With long days and warm weather upon us, and especially with an annual war behind us, the time is ripe for good friends and companions alike to come together to enjoy each others' company in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

On this day of fun and revelry we invite you to partake in all of the things we will have to offer. There will be various individual and team tournaments, both combat and non-combat; the Gilded Lion Carnival will be up and running, in case you missed it this year at the Feast of Leviathan; we may even have some gambling and other entertainment available.

For your culinary pleasure, we have planned a delicious day of food, including a light lunch and an evening barbeque featuring several different side dishes and our own twist on elevated hamburgers. And of course, a fabulous dessert - you won't want to miss it, I guarantee!

I must note that members of the militia have lately reported seeing strangely intense thunderstorms in the area lately, and have noted that the lightning seems to strike the ground much more often than one would normally expect. But the almanac indicates the weather will be lovely, so it's certainly nothing for us worry about.

So please find your way to Southland, Rhiassa and join us for a day of fun questing, tasty food, light-hearted tournaments, non-combat entertainment, socialization, and good times for all.

In service to the Realms,

Lady Dame Areni Stromgate