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Echoes of Ragnarök IV
Event Announcement


Greetings Heroes of the Realms,

As I told you this past Summer, where you lead, I and my people are willing to follow. It is hard for me to believe that this doomed world can be saved, but the wisdom and the might that you have demonstrated to us these past years is more than enough for us to put our faith in. So as you chart the course ahead my Jomsvikings and I will be your servants and your allies.

In the aftermath of Sigurd's Tomb being opened and the remaining essence of the All Father being refined in his blade, you spoke to me of the desire to reach Asgard and learn for yourselves what the state of that place, and the gods, might be. Try as we might, however, we still cannot divine a way that makes travel through Yggdrissal possible so that you might reach the world of the Aesir through normal means. Fortunately we did find another method that might yield the same results, though certainly not immediate ones.

There was once another route that could be used to access Asgard, The Path of Sol and Mane. In days past this was the remnant of the trail that the Moon and Sun would use to trace their path across the sky, and since they, if only briefly, touched their chariots on the firmament of Midgard, that path might be able to be used once again for you to reach your destination.

When Raganarok begun, however, as was foretold, Sol and Mane both became afixed in the sky and have yet to move in these intervening years. Yet if they were to once again resume their travels through the heavens we believe the route they blaze would become traversable to all of you, and a way to Asgard could be revealed.

Our immediate goal, therefore, must be to reach first the Moon and once there determine what must be done to inspire its movement. I cannot begin to imagine what might be found there or even why it is the onset of Ragnarok caused Mane and Sol to stop in the first place, but I remain confident that these are puzzles you can solve. As for reaching the Moon in the first place, there at least I can offer some aid.

Legend tells that the High Elves of Alvheim once had longboats that could traverse the skies, held aloft by magics or methods that us mortals lack. We were able to arrange, however, a meeting between you and elders of the Elven clans that could be inspired to lend you their power. Making best use of that opportunity is in your hands.

I will meet you all at the footing of the Vanfrost late this autumn. As always, I pray for your success.

Strength and honor,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings