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Echoes of Ragnarök III
Event Announcement


Greeting Heroes of the Realms,

There is so much you have already righted in our broken world that it pains me to keep relying on you all, but rely on you we must for our own strength is still so depleted from the time of the Black Death. Once more our soothsayers have found cause for action as we have pieced together a way to further our ultimate goal of Ragnarok.

The domain of Hel is certainly not an attractive one. It is the destination of the dishonored dead, man and monster alike, and it is a place that we dread beyond all else. Yet, even these damned souls have a role to play in the Final Battle. We have found out that Hel herself is under siege from none other than her own legion of generals. These traitors have marshaled together many of the dishonored souls into an army to topple her from her domain. For her own part, Hel has assembled an army of her minions but despite their relative might compared to these traitorous dead men and monsters, everything we hear is that they are losing ground.

We aren't certain in which way you might best aid Hel to wrestle back control of her lands, but certainly it's more than simple martial strength on the battlefields. If there is some unknown strength that the enemy generals have access to then your efforts might best be directed towards seeking it out and stopping it. As usual, I will meet you at the Vanfrost in Rhiassa and from there direct you on your journey.

One word of warning to you, and hopefully this is a needless worry. Helheim is such a place that those who travel there might never come back. Though the goddess of the damned may need your help, I do not expect she will willingly release any who voluntarily tread into her domain. There are legends of great heroes of the past who have escaped her clutches, however, and from what I have seen of your past feats I feel your might and wisdom will see you safely home again as well.

Honor and Strength
Ulric of the Jomsvikings