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Echoes of Ragnarök II
Event Announcement


Greetings, heroes of the Realms,

My people and I once again thank you for your service to Norlund. Your timely intervention stemmed the flow of the invaders across the paths of Yggdrasil, preventing whatever foul plans they might have harbored. In the process, you also managed to slay the general of these forces, a mighty viking warrior known as Olaf Skullsplitter. Concerningly, Olaf revealed with his last breath that he was serving another in his actions. We do not know who or what this power that Olaf served was. We believe, however, that the best course of action is to continue to follow the trail of those who have wandered through the paths of Yggdrasil to lands where they do not belong.

While in Svartelheim, the land of the dwarves, you reported encounters with the fire jotun of Muspelheim. Your defense of the paths of Yggdrasil at Himmelberget have stemmed the flow of these giants into Svartelheim, but it is still unknown why the fire giants entered Svartelheim in the first place, or if more will attempt to do so in the future. Furthermore, given their presence among the armies passing through Yggdrasil last summer, we don't know if they are attempting to invade anywhere else.

In addition, our mystics have been unable to sense the presence of Surtr, the leader and most powerful of the fire jotun. We know that he survived the attack of The Black Death unlike many other leaders of the worlds, but there is no sign of him now. His absence has surely had dire consequences upon the land of fire and it is unknown exactly what state Muspelheim is in at this point.

If Ragnarok is to proceed as foretold, Muspelheim must be restored to its rightful state and Surtr must take place in the battle. It is the fires of Muspelheim that will destroy the world of the old, making way for the world to come. Without the flames of Muspelheim, Norlund will remain as it is, a dying land denied death, and the world born from its ashes denied existence altogether.

As such, investigating what has happened in Muspelheim is crucial to restoring balance to all of Norlund. I ask that you meet with us in mid Ylir to discuss a how we should proceed into Muspelheim and to launch our excursion. Treading into Muspelheim is not to be done lightly; it is a dangerous land of flame and destruction and few can walk there with impunity. However, my people have highest confidence in the heroes of the Realms, our saviours thrice over.

Honor and Strength,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings