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Echoes of Ragnarök
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Greeting heroes of the Realms,

First, I must say again how deeply honored my people and I were to have met you and to how humbled we are by the promise of your aid. As we told you when we last last spoke on the fields at Rhiassa near the completed Vanfrost, we have worked these past months, consulting with the remaining gods, to determine how that aid could best be levied to help repair our shattered world and bring about the holy war of Ragnarök. We now believe that we understand some of the initial steps that we all must take.

When the war with The Black Death first began, and we did not truly understand the hopelessness and futility of fighting it, many warriors, both mortal and god alike, threw themselves into battle with the same fervor with which we would fight one another. As they were swallowed whole by the darkness they were unmade. No spirit to ascend to Valhalla despite their honorable death. We had our greatest losses in those early days, but not only because the mightiest of our warriors fell first.

I speak instead of the Heilvápin. The holy weapons forged for the gods and sometimes gifted to the most worthy of the vikings. We learned later on that these weapons, properly used, gave us the ability to fight back against The Black Death, but by then, most of them had been lost. The darkness is now gone, of course, but if we are to rejoin the holy battle of Ragnarök, the Aesir that remain must again wield Heilvápin when they go to war. This is our first task.

The forging of the Heilvápin has always been the task of the dwarves of Svartalvheim. I have little doubt that they would rally to the call of reforging the weapons of the gods, yet like all of the lands connected through Yggdrasil, we no longer have the ability to travel to reach their world. What is more, we do not know to what state The Black Death destroyed their underground cities and castles, or what has become of their ageless war with the black elves. Indeed, we do not even know if any from that ancient and honorable race still live at all.

So while our goal is clear, much about how we are to achieve it remains unknown. As the first week of Frermánuõr comes to a close, my Jomsvikings and I will meet you at the entrance to the Vanfrost in Rhiassa. There we will discuss our options and formulate our plan. It is almost certain that danger and battle await us, and that our victory in this will be hard-won, but for the heroes of the Realms that conquered The Black Death, what could be beyond your courage?

Honor and strength,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings