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Echoes of Ragnarök Legends 2018
Event Announcement


Heroes of the Realms,

I am forced to call upon your aid once more. This time, however, I fear that what we face is not only a threat to restoring Ragnarok, but a threat to the immediate fate of Norlund itself. I have just learned that Gunnar Bjornson, a former ally of mine, is plotting to raid Sigurd's tomb.

Sigurd was one of our great heroes of old, so much so that he's entered into legend. He is remembered for many valorous deeds and brave exploits. Chief among them is the slaying of the terrible dragon Fafnir. To say his legacy is of great importance to my people is a vast understatement. It angers me to see one of my former allies planning to defile the resting place of one of our most celebrated ancestors.

However, Gunnar's lack of respect for the dead is not my only concern here. Sigurd's tomb is not just a final resting place for the hero. A ring of great power and evil he took from the slain Fafnir is also entombed there, part of his burial riches. Sigurd himself, mighty as he was, fell to the dark magic of this ring by the end of his life. He would not release it, even in passing.

For generations, Sigurd's tomb has remained sealed; this had been sufficient to protect us from the evil that lies within. With Gunnar's forces closing in on Fafnir's ring, however, we fear it is only a matter of time before the tomb is opened and Fafnir's ring used by my once-friend for nefarious purposes. We are left with but one option: the tomb must be opened, and Fafnir's ring destroyed. I am saddened that this is the only recourse I can imagine, and pray that the gods and ancestors will forgive us for this unsavory task.

The tomb can only be opened one day of the year when the stars are aligned as on the day it was originally sealed. We ask that you join us the night before, in order to fully prepare for entering Sigurd's tomb.

Honor and Strength,
Ulric of the Jomsvikings