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Echoes of Ragnarök Quest Log


Far away from the Realms lie the worlds of Norlund. There, nine domains are connected together by Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The domain of Men, Midgard, is not so different from our own world. Men live and die, they farm and craft, and of course, they go to battle, for riches or for more lofty pursuits. These Normen and their domain are connected to many others. The elves, the dwarves, and creatures more foul than those. Even the domains of the Normen's gods are connected through Yggdrasil.

Not unlike the Realms itself, Norlund is a land of myth. There are myths of ancient heroes, myths that explain the laws of nature, and, looming in the background of all these ancient stories is the one that foretells the ending of the world, the prophecy of Ragnarök. Yet, Ragnarök was not something Normen feared. Rather than a portent of death and destruction, Ragnarök was a time that all warriors longed for, a great battle involving both mortal and god where a new generation of heroic legends would be forged and the world would be born anew from the ashes of war.

As countless generations passed, and the calendars of the Normen counted down slowly to the eve of that great battle, these warrior people prepared well to fulfill their role in their own myths. Then, the three great winters came, Sol and Mane disappeared as they were devoured by the wolves of the sky, and Midgard shook with great tremors. The gods themselves rode forth on the Bifrost to lead the armies of men, and the great battle was joined between they and the monstrosities of the nine worlds. Everything was unraveling just as their own prophecies foretold.

Then, something that was not a part of any prophecy changed everything.

It is impossible to say for sure, but the learned among the Normen say that it began in Alvheim, the domain of the elves. Their entire world was in an instant virtually destroyed as a seemingly endless wave of black death surged across the landscape, silent monsters of dark ichor leading the charge. As it reached the veins of Yggdrasil, it began to spread in eight directions toward the other realms. Man, god, and monster ceased their battle at once, as all could sense that a great danger, much greater than the end of their lives in the battle of Ragnarök, was upon all of them.

The war of Ragnarök had ended scarce it began. With little more than parting words, each race of mortal and god returned to their own world in order to face this strange new threat. What became of the other eight domains, the Normen did not know. Soon after the warriors of Ragnarök ceased their battle, the blackness made travel through Yggdrasil impossible.

In Midgard, the Normen, the great warrior people that they were, could barely stem the tide of The Black Death into their own domain. They fought day and night with every ounce of their strength. Their greatest heroes and generals fell, one after another. Having given every bit of themselves to stop the advance of this unforeseen enemy, they still were slowly losing ground. The years passed. Their armies dwindled. There was little left of Midgard to even be saved.

Then, as suddenly as it all began, it ended.

In the blink of an eye, where once there was a landscape covered in blackness, now there sat a sunlit realm covered in nothing but fertile soil. The scarce remaining warriors of Norlund searched far and wide of any sign of their mysterious enemy, but none was found. Yet, though the danger of annihilation had been staved, things were far from right with the world. Travel through Yggdrasil was still impossible, only the Bifrost remained to link Midgard and Asgard together. Whether the World Tree had been irreparably damaged or not, no one could guess. The mystics among the Normen could sense the presence of only a few remaining gods, the Allfather, Odin, not among them. And Ragnarök, the holy destruction and rebirth of the world, was still an unfinished prophecy.

Little was left of the strength of the Normen. Their greatest soothsayers had been lost in battle against the void. The remaining practitioners of that art, however, divined that the source of the blackness was from very far away, a domain unconnected to Yggdrasil. Furthermore, they learned that their salvation from it was from a people likewise far away. Heroes and gods had struggled against it and prevailed, removing it from not only their own worlds, but the nine domains of Norlund as well.

Perhaps these foreign heroes and unknown gods might have the strength to aid Norlund now.

The great heroes of the Normen, the Jomsvikings, had all been all but wiped out in battle against the Black Death. The most powerful of the mystics had perished using their gifts against the void. What remained were lesser men and women, but though they lacked the strength of their forbearers, within them the will of the Norman remained. They called to Thor and the other remaining gods for aid and with him cobbled together what strength they could, setting out on a journey far away, to reach these people who had once, unknowingly, delivered them from destruction. To beseech them to, this time wittingly, loan Norlund their power.

And with that, the men of Midgard, domain of Yggdrasil, set out to find the people of the Realms.

Below we will maintain a running log of what happens at each of the events in the Echoes of Ragnarök event series so all of our players have the opportunity to enter into the plotline informed and reminded of what has happened in the past.

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