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Running a Team for Queen of Hearts

Basic Information:

The title of "Queen of Hearts" is an honorific title, which will be given to whoever wins the most points at the Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers. Competitors have made their way to Rhiassa for over two decades to bring honor to their chosen queen and get their names in the record books.

The number of teams allowed to compete for the title will be limited to 6 this year. Registration will happen on a first-come first-serve basis. A team is considered registered if the queen and all four of the true supporters have paid for their admission.

To compete for the title of Queen of Hearts, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a distinct banner at least 2' by 2' in size.
  • You must have three True Supporters.
Your True Supporters:

In order to run for Queen you need three True Supporters. This is a group of individuals who work together to keep the team functioning at its most productive levels. Doing so involves numerous different responsibilities that are divided as follows:

General: The general is responsible for leading their team on the battlefield. This individual usually decides a strategy for the war maneuvers, positions people within the ranks of the army, and has overall control of the flow of battle to best pursue victory. When starting a war maneuver, the general may be called upon in order to make overall decisions for their team. A general is also responsible for managing the honor and sportsmanship of the team, making sure that all combatants are being their best selves at all times.

Senechal: The seneschal is responsible for making sure that the team is where it is supposed to be when it is supposed to be there. When the marshalling staff sounds the horn in order to communicate directions, the seneschal is expected to respond promptly. Making sure teams take the field when they’re supposed to and individuals are reporting where they need to be are the main functions of the senechal, along with distributing playing cards from the marshals to the members of the team and other basic organizational tasks.

Provost: New this year is the provost role. The provost is responsible for knowing all of the rules for every tournament as written on these pages and making sure that all of the members of their team know the rules of a war maneuver before it starts. Questions about tournament rules should be directed from members of the team to their team’s provost and only the provost should take those questions to the marshaling staff. In short, any communication that comes from teams and any queries they have always go through the provost.

Team Information and Limits:

You must pre-register your team and the names of your three True Supporters by July 15th.

You must have at least 10 people on your team (you may want more...). Please note that 10 is not even enough to field a complete Chess team - that takes 17 people.

Your team may have a maximum of 25 competitors. Competitors include any person who is going to be part of any tournament except as defined below in latter bullet points. True supporters are competitors and count against the 25 person limit. The roster of the 25 competitors on your team must be registered with the marshaling staff before tournaments begin on Saturday. You may not replace people on your roster at any point throughout the weekend. They are the people that make up the whole of your team.

Your team may have up to five (5) newbies that are not included in the 25 person limit described above. These newbies must have started playing after last year's Queen of Hearts. These newbies may participate in any and all tournaments including the Newbie Tournament.

Your team may have up to three crafting/performance participants, hereafter called non-coms. These non-coms are not included in the 25 person limit described above. Non-coms may compete in any of the following tournaments: Foamsmith, Armorer, Garb, Trapper, Banner/Heraldry, Cleaved, and Performance. They may not participate in any other tournaments. If a non-com wins a card from one of these tournaments, they must pass that card off to a competitor on the 25 person roster (or one of the 5 newbies) when it comes time for Queen's War.

Please note, you do are not required to include any non-coms on your team. The intention of this category is to allow people who are physically unable to fight to still be a part of a team. Your team may have any number of spectators, well-wishers, or camp-folk that help manage the team as long as they are not 'competitors' as described above.

Any people who show up to Queen of Hearts who are not already part of a roster may either, 1) Join the roster of a team that is not already full to 25, as long as it happens before the first tournament begins, or 2) Will be randomly sorted onto a team. Randomly sorting people on to teams may cause the roster of competitors to exceed 25.

Basic Tournament Rules:

All tournaments are live steel unless told otherwise by a Marshal. Because of the magic of the Solar Powered Resurrection Point, at the conclusion of a tournament and the word of the marshaling staff, dead combatants are returned to life. Being returned to life in this manor does not repair armor or restore spells.

Armor may be worn in all war maneuvers unless you are told otherwise by a marshal. Repair spells will be required to fix armor, as it is not instantly repaired by the magic of the land. Rumor has it that someone freely donating a Mystic Forge to everyone in the tournament may change that. I guess we'll have to see if it works.

Each team may enter each tournament once. As individuals win tournaments, they will be given playing cards representing their contribution to their team. These cards are worth points towards becoming Queen of Hearts and allow the possessors to initially compete in the culminating tournament of the weekend: Queen's War. Cards are not stealable items. If anyone is caught stealing cards, they risk disqualifying their entrant for Queen of Hearts, and may be asked to leave the event. See the rules of Queen's War for more details.

Honorific Awards:

Everyone who puts for the effort to throw a Queen of Hearts Team is a vital part of the tradition that has kept this event going for over two decades. As such, the staff of Queen of Hearts has decided that more needs to be done to honor the effort put in by the teams and individuals who make Queen of Hearts so successful year after year. To help us approach that goal, we have come up with a set of honorifics that will be presented to teams and individuals as a part of our yearly awards ceremony. These awards are not worth points for your team, but they are a way of recognizing those who truly stand out and showing our appreciation to all of you who put passion and effort into this event every year.

Team Honorifics:

  • Best True Supporters: Whereas in the past the Queen of Hearts staff recognized the individual contributions of named True Supporter roles, the emphasis this year is on how the entire crew of True Supporters works together to help make their team successful. There are many jobs that need to be done properly to maximize the effectiveness of a Queen of Hearts team and the crew of up to four true supporters who have best demonstrated their ability to manage their team will receive this accolade.
  • Team with the best Pageantry: Beyond the garb of the queen, beyond the creation of a team banner, there are sometimes teams who truly demonstrate that they exist to bring accolades and honor to their queen. Pageantry can partially be about the props and physical things that you have that increase the visual impact of your team, but it is also about the attitude of respect and reverence for the individual that you are fighting in the name of.
  • Team with the best Camaraderie: This award is for the team that demonstrates the strength of the bonds that keep them together. More times than not, a Queen of Hearts team bridges the gaps between groups and nations and causes different types of people to be united in the same goal. Even if a team only consists of a single group, it is one of the rare occasions where every person in that group is working together towards a common goal. To overcome the disparity that exists between groups and individuals and unite in purpose is a difficult goal. This award honors the team that does so most effectively.
  • Team with the best Spirit: This award is for the team that best encompasses the spirit of friendly competition, respect for themselves and their opponents, and the proven ability to endure with high morale and a positive attitude no matter what difficulties they have to face. This is the type of team that makes it rewarding to throw Queen of Hearts every year, to bear witness to the strength of character that they bring to the field.

Team Given Individual Awards:

    For each of the following set of awards, members of the marshaling staff will consult with some or all of the true supporters on each of the teams (individually). Together they will compare what they have seen throughout the weekend, and a member of each team will be awarded the following based on their overall contributions.
  • Most Inspirational: There are moments throughout the weekend for every Queen of Hearts team where stress and weariness take their toll on the morale of a team. But regardless, there are always those who can overcome those limitations, who brush off the tension and push themselves forward through the difficult moments, inspiring their teammates, even their opponents, to do the same. One such person on each team will be dubbed most inspirational.
  • Team Tactician: The war maneuvers at Queen of Hearts each have their setups, their rules, and their conventions. Many competitors know the rules for all of the tournaments, but a select few ponder over them, analyze their every facet, think through each scenario to plan how their team can be most successful. Generals often lead the charge and shout the orders, but behind the generals are those who advised them with their calculations and their predictions to help find victory for their team. One such person on each team will be dubbed team tactician.
  • Team MVP: There are dozens upon dozens of factors, both subtle and great, that contribute to making a Queen of Hearts team successful. There are those who give the best of themselves in combat, there are those who work for months on the planning and preparation, there are those whose support is absolutely critical to everyone making it through weekend intact. Everyone on a Queen of Hearts team is valuable, but this award is meant to honor the one person on the team who worked their hardest and gave most profoundly toward the goal of making their team successful.