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Queen of Hearts Site Rules

Alcohol and Drugs
Swift River is a dry site and also does not permit marijuana. If you bring alcohol or pot you are risking our ability to use the site again. Therefore, anyone found drinking or smoking marijuana will be asked to leave. There is a zero tolerance policy on driking and marijuana and to inforce this, anyone asked to leave site due to drinking or cannabis will also have 10 points subtracted from their team.
Rollerblade, Hockey, Football, and Lacrosse 'Body Armor' will not be allowed.
Cars and trucks will only be allowed on the roads. Be prepared to carry all of your equipment to where you will be tenting (it's not far). Anyone that is unable to carry their equipment for medical reasons should contact us beforehand so we can arrange for you to have help.
'The Chest'
If you are the lucky one who finds 'The Chest', please don't hoard its contents. We want to provide players with the treasure they so richly deserve, so please don't keep it all to yourself.
There is a Barbeque Pit that will be available for use. Bring your own everything, including charcoal.
Dogs are allowed on site but you must clean up after them. Keep them far away from the pheasant cages.
No one is permitted in the kitchen except for event staff (Rhiassans, Wenches, Servants, Marshals.) Please ask for permission before entering the kitchen for any reason other than a true emergency. Any non-event staff found in the kitchen without permission may be asked to leave the event site. No kidding.
We are not requiring the pre-registration of Magic Items, Weapons or spells this year. Make sure to check with the Magic Marshal when you get on-site.
Medical Problems
Anyone with any pre-existing medical conditions should alert either the EMT or one of the Event Holders upon arriving on site. Anyone who is severely allergic, asthmatic, hypoglycemic, pregnant, or has any other condition that could have a bearing on your safety at our event should let us know so that we can better help you in the event an emergency arises.
Missile Weapons
You are responsible for making sure you leave the event with the same number of arrows/bolts/beanbags you had when you set foot on-site. Please be responsible and don't leave missiles in the fields or woods.
Night Quest Safety
When you are night questing, you must either stay in fields, clearings or roads (very wide paths) or stay on the cyalume-stick-lit paths.
Pheasant Pens
In two areas of the site (near the entrance road and near the trap range) there are pens where pheasants are raised for game. Scaring them caused them to fly up and be hurt by the cages. Please give the cages a wide berth especially if you have a dog on site.
Sani-cans will be provided near the tenting area. The septic system for the tavern building's toilets is not equipped to handle the number of people attending Queen of Hearts, and therefore the indoor toilets are off-limits to eventgoers. The bathrooms themselves (sinks, mirrors, and as space for changing) are available for use - just don't use the toilets.
Shopkeepers are welcome to set up their shops, but must tell us beforehand. We will have a location set aside for shops.
Smoking will only be allowed in certain designated locations. This is a very serious safety concern, and anyone caught smoking anywhere but in the smoking areas will be asked to leave. Even if it's wet out.
Tenting Area
There is NO running and NO fighting in the Tenting area - EVER.
Trash cans will be available. Please use them, we don't want to spend hours cleaning up messy tenting sites.
When we call war maneuvers or tournaments, we will be very strict about starting the tournaments a set amount of time after they were called. This means that if you are in two tournaments, you'd better split your forces or make a decision. This should make for a more exciting, fast-paced event, but please note that whiners will NOT be tolerated. The marshals will do their best to treat everyone fairly and call teams in a set, pre-determined order.