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Queen of Hearts Magic Guidelines


All magic must be checked in with the Magic Marshal before it is used in any tournaments. No spellcaster may break restriction in any tournament, even if it is "limited".

Interventions and Divine Aids:

Interventions and Divine Aids must be marshaled in such a way as to make them worthy of the power of each of their respective circles, but also not be so powerful that they unbalance the fight in an unfair way. As such, the following is a list of powers that you can expect to receive for using each of those spells in tournaments. You may attempt to ask for a different boon that you believe to be equivalent in strength to what is listed below, but if the marshal will fail your spell if they believe you are asking for something too powerful.


  • Resetting the 1st through 5th circle spells of a single path of a single caster.
  • Replicating the effects of any other spell, 4th circle or lower.
  • Allowing a character to up their weapon restriction if they forgo the use of a path of their spells.
  • Things that target and help younger players (extra raises for 1st year players, for example).
  • Creating an extra "Healer Staff" or "Blacksmith Staff" at the caster's location (in the tourneys that use those staves).

Divine Aid:

  • Resetting a single spell, 4th circle or lower, for a single caster.
  • Replicating the effects of any other spell, 3rd circle or lower.
  • Retrieving spell prop(s) that are out of a friendly caster's reach.
  • Receiving a single casting of a long range combat raise ("character name, rise and fight!")
  • Revealing the position of an opponent's circle spell.

Magic Items:

You must check any magic weapons or items with the magic marshal before they can be used. The magic marshal will be following the guidelines below.

The EH is the final arbiter for that event. The EH reserves the right to deny or modify the powers of any backed magical item. If he says your amulet of raise dead casts repair item, so it does. The EH is ultimately responsible for the safety, fairness, and fun for the entire event. Thus, they need to be entrusted with all system mechanics during that event.

All magic items must be searchable and stealable, and all items must be clearly labeled as "stealable".

Any items or weapons that are used without approval by the Magic Marshal or outside accordance with the Magic Marshal's regulations will be removed from play for the duration of the event.

Powers that can be expected to work (but you still have to check them in):

Any magic weapons that are JUST magic weapons will work. You can swing magic in tournaments.

No other magic items will function in tournaments apart from a weapon's ability to swing magic.

Any one (1) power in an item that effectively duplicates the spell effects of a first through fourth circle spell will be allowed by the Magic Marshal. The magic marshal reserves the right to choose which power is active, in the event that an item or weapon was created with multiple powers. If the power chosen for your item or weapon has multiple uses, it may not be invoked more than 3 times per event.

Knights of the Eternal Flame / Knights of the Realms' Knightly Blow.

Powers that will not work:

Powers that allow mages to break their weapon restrictions or otherwise are deemed to interfere with the game balance of system spells & abilities (ie: makes spells immune to disruption, or gives unlimited calls of "poison" to a weapon) will not be allowed.

Any item that grants complete, continuous, immunity to a form of damage will not function.

Powers that involve invisibility, teleportation or otherwise require players to ignore people or things they can plainly see will not be allowed. For similar reasons, powers that give characters "magical" travel. (Ie flight, teleportation) will not function.

Any power that bestows armor points on locations not physically covered by the item itself will not function. In addition, no item power may allow a character to have more than 2 points of armor over any location at any time.

No scrolls or potions created at previous events will be allowed, unless they were specifically released by the eventholder as the event's magic item.

No item may bestow a tick upon an unwilling participant, and no item may remove a tick from a character under any circumstances.

Items which instruct players on how to play their characters, or that forcibly change the way a player roleplays their character against the player's will won't be permitted.

Items that aren't on the "will work" or "will not work" list:

You can get an idea of the power level of items that we are going to allow based on our rules for what items work. You are welcome to bring your items to the magic marshall and ask about them, but don't be shocked when very powerful magic items are not passed.

Boon Tokens:

We know that having magic not reset throughout the entire day makes resource management a struggle, so this year we are introducing Boon Tokens as an experimental way of giving teams power boosts throughout the day. At the onset of certain specific war maneuvers each team will draw a single boon token from a bucket. These boons come in all shapes and sizes from extra spells to other basic powers for fighters or spell casters. The boon your team receives is not revealed to the other teams, though you are required to explain to the marshaling staff which person or people on your team will be the recipient of those powers. The powers from a Boon Token expire at the end of that tournament, whether they are used or not. They cannot be carried over to the next tournament on into any individual tournaments. The war maneuvers for which Boon Tokens will be used are as follows:

Bridge Battle, The Antonine Wall, Kill The Queen, Castle Battles, Team Grand Melee, Ten Person Field Battle, Ten Person Bridge Battle, Ten Person Folkestone Challenge, Ten Person Castle Battle.