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Rhiassa Presents:
Queen of Hearts XXIV
Tournaments and War Maneuvers

August 5, 2017 - August 6, 2017


Friday: Marhsals & staff should try to get to the event Friday night. We'll have stuff to go over and a castle to set up, so the earlier you can get there, the better. EHs should be on site by early afternoon. No players should be on site without explicit permission from the eventholders. Camping on Friday night is not allowed.

Saturday: Site opens at 9:00 am. Reading of the Rules starts promptly at 11:00 am, and tournaments begin immediately thereafter. Dinner break will occur in the evening, followed by Rhiassa Court and the non-combat tournament showcase. There will be a short nightquest depending on the time available.

Sunday: Tournaments resume at 10:00 am. Tournaments will end in the late afternoon, and the Awards Ceremony will immediately follow the end of Queen's War. We hope to get the awards ceremony over by 5:00, but in the past we have often wrapped things up as late as 6:00. Site closes at 7:00 pm.


Swift River Sportsmens Club, Belchertown, MA    (directions to site)


The Omnibus to the Realms (available at



$25 before July 15th paid pre-reg (paypal link at
$30 after July 15th and at the door

Admission for kids under 15 is $15 and kids under 10 are admitted for free.

Contact People / Event Holders:

Jason Rosa
2 Webber Rd
Rocky Hill, CT, 06067
email to
Jennifer DeNardis-Rosa
email to

Head Marshal(s):

Alysha Metcalf
email to
Lani Grayson
email to


Come join us for the annual Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers.

To compete in tournaments you must be supporting someone who is running for the honorific title of "Queen of Hearts".

You can come to the event not supporting anyone and then offer your services to someone on Saturday morning if you want to. Individual tournaments are run with one entry from each team. If you want to do individual tournies, you would do well to contact a team or set up your own.

If you are running a team you must inform the EHs. There is a 6 team cap. First come, first served. Only a paid pre-reg of your Queen & True Supporters saves you a spot. Please send the check to the Rocky Hill address above and send an email with the list of True Supporters' IC & OOC names, or use the Paypal link on RealmsNET. Blanks or choices are acceptable in the list of True Supporters (within reason).

Generals (2)

Please review the "Other Notes" and the full list of tourneys if you are assembling a team. There have been changes, including specifications for the entries for some non-coms.

Other Notes:

The crafting categories for this year:

- 5' Battleaxe.

- Pauldrons.

- Armored Cloak.

- Fearsome Enemy.

Presentations during court are allowed, but presentations are to be limited to 90 seconds. This gives players a minute an a half to present the projects. After 90 seconds, they will be pulled from the stage, no matter what. A 10 second warning will be given. Bardics are limited to about five minutes. Along with the court presentations, teams are encouraged to submit a write up on non-com entries. Doing so will allow the judges a greater insight into your projects if you are on the field or otherwise not able. The write up should contain information for the judges such as a few paragraphs of IC information, construction information, hours invested, and any techniques or features the creator is especially proud of.

Please direct all questions about non-com competitions to Jen DeNardis-Rosa at