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The Knights of the Realms

The Knights of the Realms is the oldest, and in the eyes of many in the community, the most respected knighthood that can be attained.

Knights of the Realms can be identified by the 2" wide white belt they wear.

It is both in and out of character, which means that if you earn the belt and start a new character, the next character is allowed to wear the belt and call himself a knight without having to be re-knighted.

The out-of-character aspect of the knightly order means that to be brought into the order you must have made enormous contributions to the community over a considerable period of time. This qualification is not a specific list of things you have to do, though it generally includes being an eventholder and contributing to the community in some other substantial out-of-character ways.

The in-character aspect of the knightly order means that you have to play your character well, you have to be a leader to some degree, and you generally have to have distinguished yourself in wars, tournies and questing.

You must be honorable. This means you must play by the rules, take your blows, watch out for the safety of other players and play the game the right way. This is not limited to out-of-character honor, though it is considerably more difficult to play a villain and be seen kind of person who would make sense as a Knight of the Realms.

There is no mold for a Knight of the Realms, just as there is no one way to be a pillar of the community.

For more information about this knightly order, you can read a detailed history of the Knights of the Realms.