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The Knights of the Eternal Flame

The "KoEF" is the second in and out of character knightly order in the Realms. It is similar in many ways to the Knights of the Realms, and has at times been held in higher esteem by some in the community.

Knights of the Eternal Flame can be identified by the 2" wide white belts they wear that have their personal insignia painted on the end of the belt.

The Knights of the Eternal Flame was in ways meant to reward specialization along with character and contributions. An upstanding individual who had made major contributions, was very honorable, and who had successfully embodied a major Medieval Fantasy "archetype" might become a possible candidate for induction into the order.

Because the standards for induction into the KoEF are in some ways looser than the Knights of the Realms, it is actually harder to define what someone might have to do to be looked upon favorably by the current Knights.

The KoEF individually are pillars of the community, impeccable role-models, incredible fighters, bastions of honor, devout role-players, and when they aren't actually ALL of those things, they are almost always most of them.

If you would like to learn more about the order, take a look at this detailed history of the Knights of the Eternal Flame.