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The Charges of the Red Knight

As do many of the deities that govern the spiritual lives of the Realms' people, The Just God has avatars tasked with His agency in the mortal realm. One of these beings is known as The Red Knight. The Red Knight most often appears as a man clad in black leather armor, garbed in red, and with a golden symbol of Justari emblazoned on his chest. His face is obscured by the helmet he wears; no one has ever seen his true visage in recorded legend. He carries a shining steel sword named Judgement.

The identity of the man who once ascended to take this role by The Just God's side has long been lost to antiquity. It is believed that ages ago, while still human, he served Justari as a paladin, and that his dedication to the cause of Justice was so true that his mortal coil could no longer contain the depth of his devotion towards it. The Just God, alone, knows The Red Knight's true name.

In the wake of Mad Tom of Bedlam's defeat and the tide of Bedlam retreating from lands of the Realms, a great capacity existed for the chaos of war and destruction to be replaced with order and law, a chance for people to build new lives within the embrace of civilization. But within the fertile soil left behind by Bedlam's ebb, there was also potential for evil to take root.

Across the Realms wicked men had found ways to take advantage of a world that was, in many ways, born anew. A world that was bought with many sacrifices. The Just God's anger grew as beheld their villainy. Yet what mortal hands put to wrong must be left to mortal hands to put to right, and so The Red Knight was sent forth to find those with righteous hearts who could be trusted with such duties.

Over the coming months, The Red Knight would appear before those who had a willingness to do the work of The Just God. The missions he would set before them were not such that would safeguard the whole of the world, not those that would tip the final balance between good and evil. Rather, they were about bringing Justice to the humble people of the Realms who needed their aid. They were about forging a path of law and righteousness in the wake of war and sorrow. These were the Charges of The Red Knight.