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Rhiassan Feasts

Rhiassa has a long history of throwing events, and this includes throwing offseason feasts. It was started by Lady Fallon DeLisle (Amy Johnson), who earned membership in the Order of the Spoon by holding the Feast of Rhiassa for many years.

The Feast of Rhiassa was held for many years and changed hands along the way. It was held by Lady Damona (Randi LaMadeleine) and Briar Rose (Tiffany Nadeau) among others. The last few were held by Sir Duncan, who, after having held dozens of tournaments, quests and dungeon crawls, wanted to see if he was up to the unique challenge of being a feastocrat.

With Sir Aeston joining Rhiassa, his Feast of Leviathan is now the annual Rhiassan feast, taking the place of Feast of Rhiassa - at least until Rhiassa is big (or foolish) enough to try to hold two off-season feasts each year.

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