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Rhiassa Presents:
Feast of the Leviathan XIX
The Blessings of Family

January 14, 2017


Site opens at 11:00am and event begins at 12:00pm. Event ends at 9:00pm.


JN Webster Boy Scout Camp - Ashford, CT.


$25, Preregistration through RealmsNet before January 1st. $30 afterwards and at the door. Kids under 15, $15. Kids under 10, free.

Contact People / Event Holders:

Jason Rosa - Eventholder
2 Webber Rd
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
email to
Lani Grayson - Feastocrat
email to

Event Description:

Greetings, my friends,

The first snow of the season is falling as I pen this message, a welcome reminder that the time for the Feast of the Leviathan is fast upon us. As usual, the planning has begun in earnest to welcome you all to Rhiassa and have you partake of the hospitality we always seek to offer for this occasion.

I have celebrated Leviathan with all of you since I first arrived in these Realms, and each passing year has brought us new friends and new reasons to rejoice. Perhaps this has never been so true, however, as for this coming year's feast. Lady Areni and I will take the opportunity to formally introduce our firstborn son to the Realms and bestow upon him his name before our assembled friends and allies. It is the happiest of occasions, and we sincerely welcome all of you to help us elate in the newest addition to our family.

And it is in honor of family that we throw this year's Feast of Leviathan, for there is little that can be regarded as so essential in the world. In the traditions I was born to, Leviathan is the time of year where we are asked to celebrate with those who are most important to us and remember how vital those bonds are. Something, sadly, we sometimes forget to do. To honor these intentions, Sir Gwen will be preparing an amazing array of dishes that are meant to be eaten and shared together in kinship at your tables.

So as usual, when the new year arrives, plan to meet us in Southland, Rhiassa. Come for games of strategy and tournaments of skill. Come to peruse vendor's shops and to try your luck at casino tables. Come to eat lovingly prepared foods and raise your glasses high with one another. And, please, come to help us celebrate the arrival of our son, and the continued strength that can be recognized in all of our families.

For, whether they be family born or family found, nothing in this world can bring us greater joy.

Leviathan with you,
Lord Sir Aeston and Lady Dame Areni Stromgate


Please preregister any dietary restrictions that you have before 12/31. Otherwise we may not be able to cater to your needs.

Some important things to note:

1) Much like last year, we will be allowing nations to reserve tables based on their expected seating needs. Each table has sufficient seating for six. In order to reserve tables, we require two paid per-registrations per table you would like to reserve as well as a nation/group name to go with the reservation. Please coordinate with your group and if you pre-reg with paypal, please include the reservation info in your notes.

2) Servants: We are always in need of servants, both experienced and new, to help the day run successfully. Servants get free entry into the festivities and are also paid a wage in gold for their day's work. Please respond individually if you would like to apply to serve.

3) Servant Competition: Last year we tried to reprise an old Realms tradition of having the servants compete for your favor, this year its back again. Each table will have a small bowl of red gems at it. If you find your service to be exemplary throughout the day, please, along with your customary tips, give one of the red gems to your servant to increase their score in this competition.

4) Feast Gear and Table Decor: Please plan to leave your feast gear at home this year. We will be providing a fully decorated banquet hall with place settings. Tables will already be decorated with tablecloths and centerpieces but you are welcome to bring your own decor as well.

5) Vendors: There is a great deal of room for vendors to set up this year. All are welcome. Please send me a note expressing your intent to come as well as an idea of the number of tables that you will need. The Rhiassa Shop, the Gilded Lion, will be there with our stock of Realms board games. Remember, at Feast of the Leviathan, Wooden Scales are worth double at the Rhiassa Shop!

6) Carnival: The Gilded Lion Carnival will return this year with its various games! One gold will get you three tokens to play games with and tickets that you win can be cashed in for prizes or for a raffle to win gold!

7) Table Games: To assist in the "family" atmosphere we are focusing on this year, each dining table will have on it a couple of family games that you are welcome to play with your friends and nation members. A variety of small casual dice, card, and strategy games will be there for you to enjoy at your leisure. Feel free to trade with other tables, as well, so you can experience all of them.

8) Merchant Barons: Inspired by something we tried at Leviathan over a decade ago, this year we are introducing a new game called Merchant Barons of Rhiassa. In this persistent game participants will each receive a bag of coins with unknown values. The goal is to trade with other participants in a favorable way so as to end up with the highest value in your bag at the end of the day. We'll have enough for 50 people to play and we would love to fill the game up to it's max!

9) Casino: Sir Tao has graciously agreed to set out the full Blackwood Clontarf Casino once again this year, so come prepared to gamble. Once again this year, this may be the largest casino that has ever been set up in the Realms.

10) Combat Tournaments: Like last year, the Feast of the Leviathan staff will be offering a small array of group combat tournaments for those who feel like dusting off their armor a bit in the winter.

11) Non-Combat Tournaments: As usual, we will have an extensive set of puzzles that are sure to keep everyone busy and engaged throughout the day. There will also be the familiar Leviathan mainstays such as the bardic, riddle, and drawing tournaments and a newbie trivia tournament as well. And that's not all. We will be running a few board game tournaments including a new "giant" version of an old favorite.

12) Adventurers Guild: The Adventurers Guild will be making an appearance for a few hours this year, They will be offering a few short quests which require the expertise of the Realms' finest heroes, and of course they will pay well for those services.

13) Big Game Hunt: The Nation of Gau Dring will be back again this year with a monster for you to fight! Wager your gold and your lives as you engage in gladiatorial-style combat with some savage beast in the Monster Hunt!

14) Heroes of the Western Flank: A couple years ago we began a tradition of showing our appreciation to the members of the Realms for their service to the community as NPCs. Once again this year we will be asking those of you who have NPCd in the past year to fill out a questionnaire, and as thanks, participate in a raffle for a variety of prizes.

15) Children: Children are more than welcome at Feast of the Leviathan. Any child 10 and under is admitted for free and children 15 and under have a reduced admission of $15. There will be a play area set up for young children, with foam flooring, in a safe corner of the hall.

16) View Awards: Feast of the Leviathan is proud, as always, to host the View awards! Please don't forget to vote at RealmsNET. The view awards will happen near the end of the day right after Rhiassa Court.

Site Rules:

This is a dry site. No alcohol may be brought on site for any reason. All real world laws are strictly enforced at this site and camp staff will involve the authorities if necessary. No pets are allowed on site.