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Song for the Knighting of Sir Cedric

As Sung (poorly) By Lord Duncan
Adaptation by Stephen Johnson
To the tune of "Old Virginia" by Cordelia's Dad

Once I lived in Old Rhiassa.
The land of Crestview was my home.
There I squired to a noble King.
He taught me all I know.

His hair was greying and his eyes did sparkle,
But when they came we weren't prepared.
The Drow, they left our lands in ruin.
Not a single life was spared.

Now when I'm awake, I'm a-dreaming about it,
And when I sleep, I take no rest,
For every moment seems like an hour,
What a pain lies in my breast.

Oh must I run from Old Rhiassa,
Or for it's sake, must I die?
Oh must I go, sad, broken-hearted?
Who knows where my paths lie?

Now as the gentle night is a-falling,
Down upon Chimeron,
Arise, Sir Knight, fresh from your squiring,
The time for war shall come.